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Lessons to learn from the biblical women


Every person gets through the growing up stage where he has questions about anything and everything. Our parents have this thing in common: they can turn any situation into a teachable moment regardless of the severity. The Bible is one good source of taking life lessons by reading through people's journeys. There is not one but many people in the Bible who portray moral strength, faith, and wisdom. Today, in this article, we mention some biblical women and the life lessons we all can learn from them. Read on to shape your life positively.



Eve is the first woman created on the face of the earth by God. She gets the first mention among all the women in the Bible. God created her as a perfect human being with the ability to choose what she wants to do with her life. God had told her not to eat fruit from a particular tree or else she would die. But she got deceived into the satin's say and ate the fruit. The lesson we learn here is that God has a plan for us all. We should not go behind what does not belong to us beyond God's command.



The lesson we can learn from Michal is that pride can block our blessings from God. She was the wife of King David, who was a follower of God. He was happily dancing, singing, and worshipping before the possession of the Ark of God. He collected the blessings and pronounced them over all the people. Then, he came home to pronounce the blessings to his family, but his wife, Michal, had other plans. She disgusted him for dancing and worshipping God and never received her prayers. She was prideful about being the king's wife, which led her to think that the king could never express joy by dancing among people. Her pride led her off the blessings. We should never disgust anyone, regardless of how they express their emotion.



Hannah is the epitome of faith and keeping the words. She had been childless for years after her marriage to Elkanah. Elkanah had two missis, and his other wife had children. She mercilessly taunted Hannah for not being childless. Hannah, however, kept her faith in God and kept praying for comfort. She requested God give her a son, and she would bring him to serve at the tabernacle. Gradually heard her prayers and blessed her with Samuel.


She later kept her words and, year after year, took Samuel to the tabernacle to offer service. Interestingly, Hannah later gave birth to five more children, of which three were boys and two girls. We get a good life lesson from Hannah that keeping your faith alive can help you endure trials. God's plan is more prominent than everything.


Final Words

It is up to us how many lessons we can learn from others' experiences. Reading through the Bible, you will find learning in each line. Every person's story revolves around the good and the bad in the world. Some people choose to play under God's will and remain faithful to him. At the same time, others prefer to grab things beyond God's plan. No matter how bad your situation is, one should never choose evil over good.


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