Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How Mommies Can Start Afresh After A Career Break


Female professionals have equal opportunities as their male counterparts these days. But one thing that can push them behind is a career break. Most women have to take one at some point, after marriage, during pregnancy, or in the early years of parenting. But you need not assume that a break is the end of the road. You can start afresh and make up for the lost time with the right mindset. Commitment and strategy can bring you to par with your colleagues and open fresh growth opportunities again. Here are some valuable tips for mommies looking to start afresh after a career break.

Consider your bandwidth

Rejoining after a career break brings some challenges for a mommy. You may not wish to dive deep right away when the kids are still young. At the same time, you do not want to extend the break any longer. Consider your current bandwidth and look for opportunities to match. You may start part-time or look for a flexible role that lets you work from home. You may even take up projects as a freelancer to at least get moving again.

Re-learn and re-skill

The business landscape is dynamic, and things change, regardless of the industry you work in. Your current skills may not be relevant when you get back to your career after a break. Re-learning and re-skilling give you a good start despite the gap, so watch the trends and upgrade your education. Fortunately, you have the option of online courses and upskilling programs you can easily pursue amid your mommy duties.

Rework your resume and paperwork

You cannot expect to land a new job with your old resume after months or years of staying out of action. Rework your resume and redesign it according to existing trends and formats. Include the additional skills and credentials you may have added during the off-time. Check your certificates because you will probably need them while joining a job. You may get a fake high school diploma and transcripts if you cannot find the original ones. Complete these steps before applying for jobs so that you need not face last-minute hassles.

Be honest about the gap

Recruiters will probably want to know about your career gap. Be transparent about the duration as you mention it on your resume and during the interview. Also, provide genuine reasoning for the break, even if it is an extended one. Recruiters can see through misrepresentation, so it is the last thing you should try. Provide genuine answers, and they will surely have no qualms about hiring you.

Rebuild your network

You may have been off-radar due to your mommy duties, but remember to rebuild your network once you have a restart in mind. Consider refreshing your LinkedIn profile first because recruiters will surely check it. Also, connect within the industry and recruitment groups on the platform. Attending industry events is a good option. You can also reconnect with former employees and colleagues to explore opportunities in the job domain.

Restarting your career after a mommy break need not be as challenging as you think. Follow these tips to refresh your skills, resume, and networks, and you are all set to go!





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