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A Short Guide to Microneedling


Forms of microneedling have been around for hundreds of years, and commercial forms of this treatment first appeared in Germany in the early 1900s. However, the treatment as we know it today appeared in the 90s when it was discovered that creating micro punches in the skin enables it to absorb nutrients better, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scarring, and can even induce the production of collagen. Here is a short guide to microneedling to help you decide if it is the right treatment for you.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive treatment that involves the use of small needles to make micro incisions in the skin. These tiny wounds help stimulate collagen production, encourage the natural healing process of the skin, and allow the dermis to absorb skincare products more easily. This procedure can take place anywhere on the body, but it is popularly performed on the face. Johnston Family Acupuncture provides microneedling in Boston. Their team of experts will assess your health before prescribing and administering a tailored treatment for you.

Skin Care Benefits

One of the major reasons people decide to try microneedling is to plump up aging skin. After the procedure, the skin will naturally produce more collagen and elastin, which can help restore one’s youthful appearance. Besides inducing collagen production and firming up the skin, microneedling can also reduce the appearance of pores, scars, and pigmentation. It is an excellent treatment for people with rosacea, stretch marks, and acne scars and can help people with aging skin feel rejuvenated.

What to Expect

When compared to other treatments that promise glowing skin, microneedling is far less abrasive. You don’t have to go through a chemical peel, and no lasers will touch your skin either. The procedure takes around 30 to 60 minutes, and the results are apparent in as little as 4 weeks. With long-lasting results, this treatment provides a good return on investment for those who want to treat their skin right.

Post Treatment Care

After the treatment, you will experience some redness for up to 2 days after the treatment, and you should aim to keep the treated area clean until the skin settles. Avoid harsh skincare products, especially products with active ingredients like alpha hydroxy and retinol. For a speedy recovery, you might receive collagen-stimulating peptides from your practitioner.

Is it Right for Me?

As stated above, there are many benefits to microneedling. However, this treatment isn’t for everyone. Those who are apprehensive about needles might find the entire process to be daunting and might not enjoy the idea of thousands of small needles puncturing your body. Although the procedure is not as painful as you might think, there is often some temporary discomfort. Furthermore, people who suffer from chronic skin disease or are suffering from active skin conditions, like acne, should not get the treatment until their skin condition settles. In addition, microneedling is not suitable for those who are pregnant or for those who are nursing. Finally, people who are undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy and who are taking anticoagulants should also avoid microneedling.


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