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Trust Me by Kelly Irvin {Book Review}

**I received a complimentary copy for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

Her best friend is murdered the same way her brother was years ago. Is there anyone she can possibly trust?

A decade ago, Delaney Broward discovered her brother’s murdered body at the San Antonio art co-op he founded with friends. Her artist boyfriend, Hunter Nash, went to prison for the murder, despite his not-guilty plea.

This morning, Hunter walks out of prison a free man, having served his sentence.

This afternoon, Delaney finds her best friend dead, murdered in the same fashion as her brother.

Stay out of it or you’re next, the killer warns.

Hunter never stopped loving Delaney, though he can’t blame her for not forgiving her. He knows he’ll get his life back one day at a time, one step at a time. But he’s blindsided to realize he’s a murder suspect. Again.

When Hunter shows up on her doorstep asking her to help him find the real killer, Delaney’s head says to run away, yet her heart tells her there’s more to his story than what came out in the trial. An uneasy truce leads to their probe into a dark past that shatters Delaney’s image of her brother. She can’t stop and neither can Hunter—which lands them both in the crosshairs of a murderer growing more desperate by the hour.

In this gripping romantic suspense, Kelly Irvin plumbs the complexity of broken trust in the people we love—and in God—and whether either can be mended.

Kelly Irvin is a bestselling, award-winning author of over twenty novels and stories. A retired public relations professional, Kelly lives with her husband, Tim, in San Antonio. They have two children, three grandchildren, and two ornery cats. Visit her online at KellyIrvin.com; Instagram: @kelly_irvin; Facebook: @Kelly.Irvin.Author; Twitter: @Kelly_S_Irvin.

I have enjoyed Kelly Irvin's Amish fiction novels, but I must admit, her romantic suspense novels are definitely on my must read list, and as such I could not wait to check out Trust Me

From the start this story drew me in. I enjoyed this idea of Hunter having served time for a crime he did not commit and looking for answers once he got out of prison. The idea was intriguing and the execution was done well with good bits of suspicion thrown in different directions throughout the story. Admittedly, I did figure this one out pretty early on in this story, so perhaps there was a little predictability--- at least to some degree at least--- but I still found that I enjoyed the story nonetheless. 

Part of that certainly did have to do with the romance between Hunter and Delaney--- talk about love overcoming obstacles! I enjoyed the story of forgiveness in this book, and the strong messages of faith weaved throughout as well. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and one that fans of Christian suspense are sure to enjoy. 



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