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4 Top Things To Look For When Choosing A Nursery


Choosing a nursery for your beloved bundle of joy who is inevitably growing up seemingly beyond belief is one of the traditionally emotional milestones parents experience in raising children.

To help clarify what exactly it is you should be looking for when taking tours of various nurseries in and around your local area, continue reading for the top four things to look out for.


1.   Consider Location Carefully


Naturally, the desired scenario would be when you have chosen and enrolled your child in the nursery of your choice, that they will settle in quickly and enjoy attending.

It is for this reason that you need to be practical when looking at the various nursery options, and one pertinent thing to consider is the location of the site. Even if you find a nursery that, for example, seems to have a wider book and toy selection, another nursery that perhaps has a smaller range but is closer to your home may well be the more sensible choice.


2.   Education-Based Nurseries Are Best


Another incredibly important element of your decision-making when deciding which nursery to send your child to is how much emphasis that particular nursery places upon education.

Obviously, no one is expecting Shakespearian essays when you pick your child up from nursery, but renowned and reputable nurseries, such as Seahorse Nursery, pride themselves on making early education for young children as interesting and entertaining as possible.


3.   Physical Fun And Games


As well as the focus on providing the opportunity for your child to extend their skills in a host of different areas, it is also important to choose a nursery that offers copious chances for physical fun, games and general activity.

There is a myriad of reasons why it is exceedingly important to encourage physical activity and movement in children of any and all ages, including:

ü  It elevates mood and happiness levels

ü  It helps to improve and maintain health and fitness

ü  It helps to boost their confidence in physical games and activities

ü  It helps to prevent childhood obesity and other related issues

ü  It enhances learning capacities

ü  It relieves stress

ü  It affords them the opportunity to release energy

ü  It encourages tolerance and teamwork

ü  It strengthens bones and muscles


4.   High Ratio Of Staff Members To Children


Obviously, one of a parent's most prominent concerns when sending their child to a nursery, as well as any other location where they are not present, is their general safety and security.

When taking a tour and speaking to the staff members and manager of any and all potential nurseries which you are considering enrolling your child into, take time to enquire as to the staff to child ratio on an average working day.

Additionally, it would also be strongly advisable to ask about the security of the site and if there are multiple points of entry that are either guarded or else kept locked during nursery opening hours.




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