Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Stream Sons of Thunder on Pure Flix! Sons of Thunder: Redemption Premieres January 12! #SonsOfThunderMIN #MomentumInfluencerNetwork #PureFlix

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Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think abut things that are excellent and worthy of praise.- Philippians 4:8

I just love this verse, don't you? It is such a great one, and one that I try to keep in mind when I am choosing my sources of entertainment--- be it books, music or even TV. But boy, that last one can be really tough can't it? It can be exceptionally hard to find good TV out there that is both entertaining and fits those standards. So, when I heard about Sons of Thunder on Pure Flix, I was intrigued and excited to have the chance to check it out myself. 

Sons of Thunder is, in many ways, rather unexpected for a lot of people. When you think of motorcycles, there is a perception that comes to mind for many... and Christian and wholesome are rather far from that perception. Instead, the 99% of law abiding motorcyclists are judged by the 1% who are not. While I have zero interest in motorcycles myself, my experience with those who ride them has shown me that those perceptions are certainly off. In fact, the preacher who baptized me as a teenager was a tattooed biker! Years later, when my husband, son and I found ourselves stranded in a hotel in Yuma, AZ God would send us some relief via a motorcycle group there on an annual trip who adopted us as their own and made sure we were taken care of during our time stranded. Even now, my own husband serves as a deacon in our church... and is a member of a riding organization, and far from the only rider in the congregation! It is perhaps this misperception and my own experiences that drew me into this show, despite my own usual disinterest in the topic. 

The show does deal with some more adult themes so it's not one that I would suggest watching together as a family. Still, if you're looking for something that is free from the excessive language and sexuality that we tend to see on more mainstream TV shows, Sons of Thunder is certainly one show worth checking out! 

You can check out the original Sons of Thunder on Pure Flix. Check out the website here

 And there's a new spin off, coming soon! “This spinoff will focus on former Devil’s Hand member, Jacob Lewis, who is fresh off a stint in prison and searching for forgiveness from those he wronged in a past life fueled by drugs and bad decisions. We’re really excited to see how fans react!”

Learn more about this exciting new show here.

Sons of Thunder: Redemption will premiere of Pure Flix on January 12. Be sure to catch up on the original show to prepare for this newest adventure! 


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