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How to Make a Statement at Home


Whether you have lived in your property for many years or you have recently moved into a lifeless living space, a few minor alterations can help breathe new life into your home. Jazzing up the home needn’t cost an arm and a leg. All you need are a few signature pieces to make your home pop. Here are a few top tips to help you make a statement without draining your wallet.

Eye-Catching Wall Décor

One of the worst things to do is leave your walls plain and dull. This expansive space doesn’t need to be completely filled to look good. A few personal framed photographs or a tapestry brought back from an exotic vacation can help add texture to an empty wall and revamp a boring room. Alternatively, you can add color to your walls to create a different tone or create a feature wall using wallpaper with a bold print.

Characteristic Artwork

Art is incredibly personal and it can reflect the personality of the owner. Pick a piece that speaks to you and use it to add character to a mundane room. Large artwork can be used to fill empty corners, while smaller pieces can adorn tables and other surfaces devoid of character. Furthermore, it can be hung up to liven up walls. Old Glory Rustic Sign Co. provides a striking collection of engraved, wooden wall art. The collection has been crafted to create a rustic effect, and each piece is one of a kind.

Well Placed Mirrors

A well placed mirror can have a surprising effect on a basic room. A large mirror can reflect light in a cramped space to add dimension and create the appearance of a spacious room. They are both functional and stylish and can be used to add aesthetic appeal to any room of the home.

Green, Leafy Plants

Green, leafy plants are a great way to add a natural touch to any living space. Philodendrons and snake plants are low maintenance choices that add texture to a lifeless living space and boost the appeal of a room. Not to mention, they help oxygenate a living space and help make a home healthier to inhabit.

Focus on the Floor

The floor is often the most underrated part of any home, yet changing the flooring in your home can give it the makeover it needs. A new floor is quite an investment, but investing in high-quality materials and the right design can help you make a statement, and it will last for years. If a brand new floor isn’t financially feasible, you can zhuzh up your floor space with a great floor covering instead. A bright, decorative rug can help create a lively vibe, while a luxurious fur throw can offer a touch of coziness to a room. Floor coverings can also be used to disguise problem areas created by age, scuffing, or accidental spills. Not to mention, they can be swapped out for different versions to change up the tone of a room.

Following these simple tips to make a statement in your home will transform your living space.


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