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Creative Ways That you Can Make your Home Unique


Not everyone likes to follow trends, some people prefer to decorate their home in a way that reflects their personality and if you are such a person, why not let your creative talents get to work? Our private living space is the one place that we can really be ourselves and with that in mind, here are just a few of the ways that you can make your home unique.

  Textured walls – Check out the stunning texture color range from this leading Thai paint supplier, where you can find a wide range of textured finishes, with non-toxic paint that is safe for all the family. You can buy a wide range of hand tools for finishing textured surfaces, giving you a wide choice of finishes, and, of course, colors.

  Engineered timber flooring – If you love the look and feel of solid timber flooring but aren’t so keen on the high price tag, engineered timber flooring is a fraction of the cost of solid wood. Combine the floor with mahogany furniture and you have a room with some style and elegance and with a professional installation, your engineered timber flooring will stand the test of time.

  Window tints – Top rated UV window tints can transform your interior, plus they will help to keep the interior cool, while also giving you more privacy. Search with Google for a leading Thai supplier of residential window tints and the supplier would be happy to carry out the installation. Here are a few great craft activities to keep your kids occupied during the school holidays.

  Exterior cladding – Why not coat your exterior with premier stone cladding? There are specialist contractors with many years of hands-on experience installing exterior cladding on residential properties. While this is a significant project in terms of cost, it will transform your home and also protect it from the harsh elements of the tropical Thai climate. If you would like to learn more about exterior cladding, search online for a leading supplier and they would be happy to quote for your project.

  Spiral staircase – This isn’t as complex as you might think; talk to a local carpenter & joiner, who is more than capable of designing, building and installing a circular staircase. A skilled joiner can create a masterpiece that will be a major feature of your home and he will spend the time with you on the design stage, ensuring it is exactly what you had in mind. Most of the sections would be made off-site, then installed as the old staircase is removed.

  Mural paintings – A great way to personalise your interior is to commission a local artist to paint a few murals; you might prefer a country landscape, or a selection of abstract art that goes with your décor. Search online for the websites of local artists and find one that seems to have some talent and ask them for their opinion. Once a design has been chosen, the artist can quote for the project and it might not be as costly as you might think.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can make your home unique, while solar energy is another option to consider.


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