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4 Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples For Girls


Fall is the perfect season for experimenting with different colors, textures, and layering options. With cozy furry jackets, woolly tights, and the latest Chelsea boot style to play with, fall has some of the best clothing options for little girls that love to match with their big sisters or you.

The best thing about fall clothing is that you can dress it up or down, depending on how chilly it is. Dresses can be paired with tights and boots in the winter or canvas pumps in the summer. Knee-high socks can turn a spring outfit into an autumnal little number that's perfect for a stroll in the woods. You get the idea.

If you and your mini-me haven't taken the opportunity to do a little shopping this season, now's your chance! Before the snow arrives, you and the family have a few weeks left to really rock the fall style. Fuel up with hot chocolate and hit the shops.

To help you know what to look for, here are four wardrobe staples for little girls.


Pinafores are the ultimate staple for any little girl's wardrobe. It's classic, easy to throw on when there's too much laundry to do, and can be layered over just about anything.

Striped tee-shirts, long-sleeved turtle necks, woolly tights, or even jumpers can be a base layer for a pinafore. Play around with different patterns and colors to see just how striking you can make your outfit.

If your little girl isn't going through a growth spurt, you'll get plenty of wear out of them too. Pair with pumps in the summer or use as an overall at the beach. Pinafores with adjustable straps will have even more wear in them, as the straps can be loosened so that the skirt doesn't become too short.


If you've always dreamed of dressing your children up the way your parents did to you, now is your chance. Jumpsuits are back, and they are here to stay. Who knows, maybe the grandparents even have a few little pieces from when you were little that you can now pass onto the next generation?

For those looking for something a little less 70s, the new style of jumpsuit is pretty, comfy, and perfect for your little one. There are girls jumpsuits with zips down the front or ruffle detailing on the straps, so there's a style to suit just about every girl.

Like pinafores, strappy jumpsuits are great for layering. Pair with a jumper underneath for a snug style that's easy to wear and practical for a day of activities. Whether you're running errands or running around in the park, jumpsuits can be worn for just about every occasion. 

For girls that don't want to faff around with layers, there are plenty of jumpsuits available that have the top and sleeves as part of the piece. That way, all they have to do is roll out of bed and into their outfit for the day.

In the summer, loose-fitting cotton jumpsuits are a great option for long car journeys or busy days outdoor. These comfy one-pieces have plenty of room and flexibility so your little ones can climb trees, head to the coast, or simply play in the garden.

Smock dresses

If your little girl loves to twirl around and feel girly, she'll love smock dresses. These flouncy dresses have the perfect skirt for spinning and twirling till their heart's content.

Smock dresses are super easy to wear and can be paired with chunky knit cardigans and woolly tights for the winter, too – they're certainly not just for the fall. In the spring and summer, pair with knee-high socks or wear with simple ankle socks and pumps.

These simple dresses come in a whole range of colors and patterns, so you'll no doubt come home with more than one! Once your little girl outgrows them, they can be worn over leggings or jeans as a cute smock top or tunic.

Colorful knits

Although most people stick to the ugly sweater trend for the festive season, there are plenty of chunky, colorful knits that are perfect for keeping toasty in the colder months. Whether you go for plain and simple or choose bold, bright polka dot and floral motifs, colorful knitwear is a statement in itself.

As you can see from these favorites, the chilly months are the perfect time for layering up. That way, when the sun does show itself, your kids have the freedom to remove layers, so they don't overheat. But, once the brisk evening breeze rolls in, they can get toasty all over again.


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