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Keeping Kids Busy at the Weekend


During the week, it feels like everyone is rushing around and there’s not much family time together. But at weekends, you can sometimes have the opposite problem, which means you may need to keep the kids busy and entertained. Here are some ideas to make sure your weekends are packed with fun.

Sign your child up for swimming lessons

A good way to keep your children occupied, while also teaching them an important life skill, is to sign them up for swimming lessons. A quick search for JUMP! swimming classes near me will show you some local classes. There are many reasons why you should consider swimming lessons for your child at weekends:

        They’re good exercise and help your child burn off energy

        Learning to swim can save your child’s life one day

        It’s an important skill, especially if you have a backyard pool

        Your child may want to progress and swim competitively

        There are lots of fun swimming skills they can learn such as diving

While they’re having their lessons, why not go for a swim yourself? Doing a few laps can help you relax and unwind at the weekend.

Teach them some crafts

Crafts are an excellent way to entertain kids of all ages. When they’re small, they can do some scribbling and gluing things, and as they get older, they can learn more complex skills such as knitting or sewing. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get them started. Projects such as upcycled plastic crafts can help you reuse stuff from around the home, so you aren’t sending a lot keeping the kids’ entertained. You may even want to learn some new skills yourself at the same time.

Organise playdates

If your child gets bored on their own, and won’t play with their siblings, why not organise some playdates? You have some kids around, and keep them entertained, and in return, your child might get invited round their home, giving you some spare time at weekends. Kids often keep themselves entertained much more in groups. Simply give them some games and crafts to mess around with and they’ll be happy. And don’t forget to load up on snacks and soft drinks to keep them going throughout their games.

Sign them up for a sport

Sports are often played on weekends, so they’re a good way to fill long Saturdays and Sundays. There are lots of benefits that come from sports, and kids learn teamwork, commitment, and so much more. If you have a child who is a little shy and not making many friends at school, then playing a sport can expand their social circle too.

Weekends can mean the kids are always underfoot. So, make sure you find ways to keep them entertained. Whether it’s through an organised activity, or just general play, you can get them off their screens and doing something productive. It’s not always easy to get them to engage into something new, but they’ll no doubt soon start to enjoy doing something new.


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