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Top Engagement Photography Locations in Seattle


An engagement photoshoot is definitely one of the best ways to kickstart your wedding planning journey. Many photographers even call this less-stress photo session as a wedding day dry run.


You get to take perfect shots by posing with the love of your life. Some couples even use snaps from the photoshoot for their “Save the day” card.


But there’s one thing that bothers every couple before the engagement photoshoot. And that’s finding the perfect location.


No matter how expensive equipment and lighting setups your photographer uses, finding a perfect location is always crucial for a romantic engagement photoshoot.


So, to ease things for you, here we’ve got some top engagement photography locations in Seattle for you to have a perfect photo shoot.


Let’s take a quick look at them.


     Ballard Farmers Market and Golden Gardens


If you and your partner loved and enjoyed strolling in the Ballad Farmers markets when you initially started dating, then you can use it as a prime location for your engagement photoshoot.


The best part of using this location is that you’ll get to have your candid moments. All you have to do is walk around and shop while the photographer captures your moments. You can even go to a coffee shop in the market, recreate your first date, and reminisce about your time together.


And in the evening, you can drive over to Golden Gardens to add a natural and beachy background to your pictures. This type of photography session is perfect if you are looking for something easy, natural, and fun.


     Discovery Park


For couples who love being outdoors and in proximity to nature, having a photoshoot in Discovery Park is one of the best ways to flaunt their interests.


You can use the tall grass, cliffs, trees, the lighthouse, and even an old church as a backdrop for your pictures. In fact, top Seattle wedding photographers recommend using the natural beauty of parks and mountains to add a natural touch to the engagement photos.


The best part of having an engagement photoshoot in Discovery park is that it is right there in the city, which makes it an easy day for everyone.


     Gold creek pond


If you want a healthy combination of mountains, forest, and water in your engagement pictures, you can visit Gold creek pond for it. The location is perfect for couples who admire “country living” from the bottom of their heart.


For this, you, your partner, and the photography team would have to drive to the Snoqualmie Pass area and walk around the trail to take some stunning and romantic pictures. Sounds like a fun road trip. Right?


Pro Tip to keep in mind before scheduling the photography session


If you are planning to use the pictures for your “save the date” card, make sure you book a photography session way in advance. This way, your photographer will get adequate time to edit your images and design your invitations.


Final words,


Now that you have the list of perfect locations to take your engagement photos, all you have to do is book a photographer and set the date. Let the team capture the beautiful milestone of your life and commemorate your courtship in the most romantic way possible.



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