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Improve the Way Your Family Hydrates with Vitapod {A Review + Coupon Code} #momsmeet #DrinkVitapod #VitapodWorld #FilledWithGood

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Take your vitamins. Drink your water.

We've all heard these two very important pieces of advice when it comes to staying at your most healthy, haven't we? And honestly, it sounds like simple enough advice. And yet, if we are being honest with ourselves, how many of us still struggle to stay as hydrated as we should or get the nutrients that our body needs?

I will be completely honest and admit that I certainly do!

So, when I first heard about Vitapod, it seemed like an idea solution to me-- changing the way we drink water so that each drink overflows with with nutrients helping to close that nutrition gap that 9 out of 10 of Americans experience. 

So, what exactly is Vitapod? 

If you've used an individual pod coffee maker type machine, the idea of the Vitapod is quite similar... except instead of coffee, the end result is a variety of delicious beverages packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for our day to day nutrition. Each of the current 11 different Vitapod flavor pods is developed by a panel of doctors with over 100 years of combined experience, containing up to 15 under-consumed vitamins and minerals. They are all made of 100% natural ingredients. The Iced Tea+ (60mg), Sports+ (100mg), and Energy+ (200mg) pods contain caffeine and as such are recommended to drink in moderation if pregnant or breastfeeding. All other pods are fully pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. The Vitapod also uses a multipass filtration system that purifies water better than others on the market. It cools water to the optimal temperature for hydration, as the body doesn't absorb water as well if it's too hot or cold. 

In addition to the benefits of the drinks themselves for our bodies, each pod also uses 90% less plastic than a single-use plastic bottle and pods are recyclable. They very much live up to their mission very well: Healthy family. Healthy planet.
Of course, while this all sounds great in theory... how well does it actually work? and will the family actually drink them? 

First things first, I must admit that the Vitapod machine was larger than I had expected it to be. You'll definitely want a decent amount of counter space available for it. Aside from that though, I found that it was very easy to set up and very user friendly. While I have tried many powder drink mix ins in the past, I find that it can be very difficult to get them to mix in completely, and as such it can impact the taste. Vitapod’s mixing chamber blends the pods with water at 690 RPMs, which is faster than the blades of a helicopter! No powdery flavor left behind here! While I personally have not tried every flavor, we have enjoyed those that we have tried. The Hydra+ Watermelon was definitely a favorite around here overall. While not my personal preference, my kids also really enjoyed the Hydra + Cotton Candy flavor... talk about a fun way to keep them hydrated! Regardless of taste, I love that there was a wide variety of flavors to choose from. 

Ready to change the way your family hydrates? Vitapod is available to purchase exclusively at vitapodworld.com. The Vitapod machine typically retails for $349. Right now, you can save $15 on a Vitapod Machine or Vitapod Machine Starter Pack at vitapodworld.com when you use code MOM15. Expires 9/30/21.

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