Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Loud House: Road Tripped Season 3, Volume 1 on DVD June 18 {+ Enter to Win}

 **DVD received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

Life’s a trip when the Louds depart on a family vacation! But while road tripping to their destination, everything that can go wrong for the family — does. A family fridge territory war breaks out, Lori and Lincoln go to the big city to visit Ronnie Anne and Bobby, and Mom and Dad build a secret bathroom! Join in on all the laughs with the Loud family!

Disc One:

  • Tripped!
  • White Hare / Insta-Gran
  • Roadie to Nowhere / A Fridge Too Far
  • Selfie Improvement / No Place Like Homeschool
  • City Slickers / Fool Me Twice
  • Net Gains / Pipe Dreams
  • Fandom Pains / Rita Her Rights

Disc Two:

  • Teachers’ Union / Head Poet’s Anxiety
  • The Mad Scientist / Missed Connection
  • Deal Me Out / Friendzy
  • Pasture Bedtime / Shop Girl
  • Gown and Out / Breaking Dad
  • Ruthless People / What Wood Lincoln Do?

Road trips with the family are one thing that I know a little something about!! From the time my son was just a few months old, we found ourselves traveling cross country by car to visit family each and every year. While the distances may have changed throughout the years, we still often find ourselves on the road for hours at a time. So... how do we survive those road trips with kids? In our experience, there are two things that every road trip with kids needs: food and entertainment! 

There are many ways that we have tried to provide entertainment for the kids from on the go activities to car games, but perhaps the one that is most effective is bringing along a portable DVD player and a fresh DVD! The Loud House: Road Tripped Season 3, Volume 1 is out just in time for summer road trips and could not be any more appropriate for the occasion! My son certainly agrees! 

I must admit, I'm not much for cartoons so this isn't really MY cup of tea... but my 13 year old absolutely loves this show! He says it is hilarious... and his laughter while watching certainly seems to agree. Needless to say he was super excited about these new DVDs! If you have a child who loves The Loud House, this will be a great addition to their DVD collection... perfect for family road trips and rainy days inside alike! 

You can't have a road trip without delicious snacks! Eat up with the Loud Family! THE LOUD HOUSEROAD TRIPPED - SEASON 3, VOLUME 1 will be available on DVD on May 18!


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