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Need a portable air con? Here’s how to choose!

Window-hung air conditioners have been the traditional option for cooling units, but a portable one is a great choice if you lack the windows that are required to adequately run one of these larger units. They can also be useful in areas that are used less frequently, like a spare room.

 If space is at a premium, and heat is an active issue in your overall comfort, it is often well worth the price to invest in a portable air conditioner.

Is portable better than wall-mounted?

 Normally, wall-mounted takes preference over portable if you have the space available. The reason for this is simply that they are more “heavy duty” than portable units. As a rule, window air conditioners are better in terms of energy usage and are more efficient when it comes to operational costs. However, a portable air conditioner comes with a set of its own benefits: it is portable, and as such, can be moved to where it is needed. It is also useful in rentals, as it does not require any mounting or alteration to the structure.

Although you still need a window nearby when using a portable air conditioner, its only function will be to vent the heat that is generated by operating the unit. In addition to a window, you will also need access to an electrical outlet in order to run the unit.

 What about options with a mini split?

 Although there are several options when it comes to installation, it is worthwhile to investigate what your options are in air conditioning units, and to compare them to any quotes you might receive from technicians. Although there are many factors that could influence the overall effect, the portable option tends to be more affordable and much easier to install.

 There are several features and design aspects that could set your unit apart from the competition, but essentially, you will benefit the most from a unit that is calibrated to the correct thermal capacity, or which has the capability to adjust to a “green” or seasonal setting for better efficiency. There are several benefits to not using more power than is needed, from reducing your carbon footprint, to paying more than you would have if you had had a more efficient unit.

 How much space do I need?

Because portable air conditioner units are not wall mounted, you will have to factor in the extra amount of floor space that will be taken up by your unit, should you choose to buy one. There will be some interference with your existing space, as the unit will need to stand far enough away from the walls in order to encourage circulation, and you will have to factor in exhaust hoses, which also take up space.

The ultimate take-out is that any floor-standing appliance will take up more space than a wall-mounted one, so before deciding on a unit that you want to commit to, make sure that you carefully consider your home, and all the contributing factors around your purchase.


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