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Treat Your Furry Friend with Kong Box {A Subscription Box Review}

**Product received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are my own. 

 Looking for a fun way to treat your furry friend!? Why not treat them every month with a fantastic subscription service just for them!? Kong Box is a fantastic way to do just that! 

Chances are if you have a dog you're familiar with Kong toys--- whether you've used them or not! While on the search for good toys for our husky Noel, we came across them many many times. These rubber toys are ideal for big chewers! While Noel loves to chew, she generally prefers soft toys, but when I was offered the chance to try out Kong Box for her, we decided to give them a go anyway. 

Boy, am I glad! Noel can be rather picky about toys, but these very quickly became a favorite. These are NOT your typical rubber style dog toy. First and foremost, the quality is fantastic. They are tough enough for strong chewers, of course which is a definite plus since it means not having to replace them more often. That's not what drew our dog to them though, no THAT was all about their ability to hold treats--- both typical bite sized treats as well as a squeeze Kong treat too. It was this squeeze treat that won Noel over! 

We happened to be making a trip out of town just after our Kong Box arrived and we found that squeezing this peanut butter goodness into her treat kept her happy for a long while and truly proved to be a lifesaver as she adjusted to new surroundings. If you have a dog that doesn't typically go for rubber toys, I highly encourage you to give Kong toys a chance anyway!

If you already have a pup who loves these tough toys, why not treat them with new ones each month with the Kong Box! Here's a look at what you can expect in your box:

  • KONG CLASSIC- Every dog needs the iconic KONG Classic...That's why we ship one with every first purchase!
  • KONG TRAINING TOY- KONG's rubberline toys extend far beyond the KONG Classic.
  • PERSONALITY TOY- Your furry friend has their own unique personality and needs, which is why we include a toy that is hand-picked, just for them!
  • KONG TREATS- KONG toys are designed to be used with KONG Treats. 3 unique treats in every box.
  • KONG RECIPE & TIP- Let your dog feel like he is eating at a 5 star restaurant. We include an easy-to-make recipe with every KONG Box.
  • Every box ships with personality tips based on your dog's personality profile.

Kong Box offers three different subscription options to best fit your needs. Prices vary based on the option you choose. The Month-to-Month box  is $49.95/box. While this is the most expensive option, it's also the most versatile. You can choose to get a box every month, or skip and get only when you're needing new toys. To save money you can also choose to go with 6 Boxes for $44.95/box or 12 Boxes for $39.95/box. All subscriptions are set to auto renew. 

Ready to treat your favorite pet? Head on over to Kong Box to subscribe today.

KONG toys & treats you love, delivered monthly


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