Wednesday, May 19, 2021

5 Ways to Stay Faithful to God


Have you been looking for ways to better connect with God and your faith? Staying faithful to God can be challenging at times, but looking for guidance is a good sign.

Your connection with God and Christian values can change over time, but also grow stronger. These tips can help you renew your relationship or increase it from an already good place.

1. Maintain Spiritual Practices

Sometimes you might miss a Sunday service due to sickness or other circumstances, but making your faith a part of your schedule can help strengthen your connection with God and the community. The small motions that might seem to go unnoticed can make a difference. Participating in confession and asking for forgiveness, or working with a priest or leader in your community can help build your faith.

2. Solo Study

Taking some personal time to read your bible, pray, and engage with God can give you a stronger feeling of connection and understanding. Reflecting on what being faithful to God means and looks like to you creates an easier path to fulfill those beliefs.

Working on your faith is not a simple one-step solution. There are a lot of long-term steps you can take, which will slowly but surely help your Christian faith.

3. Serve Your Community

It is important to believe in Christ and have faith in the lord, but Christian values should be practices as well as preached. Volunteering in your community and giving back in any way that you can will help you be more faithful. Look at what you learned from services and your own private study and apply those generous and giving ideals in your everyday life.

4. Make a Habit

Try to maintain the ways that allow you to feel most connected to God. Creating habits will allow you to more readily practice your faith without having to work and schedule time for it. Practices like the 2 week challenge can help you reinvigorate your faith and make your everyday actions more in line with Christian values.

5. Find God in Everything

When you believe in God and are sure of your faith, He may show up in ways you do not always notice. Take stock of all the good in your life and find God in the simplest of places. Pray and reflect on yourself, your actions, and how you can keep up your faith in ways that fit with your life and God's plan for you.

Remaining Faithful to God

Being faithful to God and to Christ is not a chore, but a way toward fulfillment. These steps can help you feel more connected and get more out of your life. Reflecting on what God means to you and your beliefs can motivate you to put more good into the world, help others, and share your values.

Your faith may be a more private thing or something you renew with every good deed you do; some may find private Bible study best, while others prefer groups to reflect, converse and share. The way you maintain your Christian values is specific for you, so find what feels right and it will be. And if you found this helpful, keep reading more useful advice.



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