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How to Plan a Culturally Rich Vacation


It doesn’t matter if you are booking a beach break or a trip to a big city, your chosen destination is likely full to the brim with historic landmarks, interesting stories, beautiful sights, and delicious cuisines.

With a little research and planning, you could maximize every minute of a getaway, which will allow you to return home with zero regrets. Read on to find out how to plan a culturally rich vacation.

Pick an Experienced Tour Operator

A tour operator can turn a trip into an unforgettable vacation. For example, if you have always dreamed of visiting the Holy Land, look for an experienced Israel tour operator that will arrange for you to visit all the historical and biblical sites that will bring the stories from The Bible to life. Plus, you will learn about the ancient land’s history and experience life in modern Israel. Also, the right tour operator will ensure you have a hassle-free experience, as they can help you overcome language, currency, and communication problems.

Embrace a Destination’s Cuisine

It’s time to step away from the burgers and fries and embrace the cuisine at your destination. For example, you must try falafel when in Israel, as it is the country’s national dish. Other fantastic options to try include hummus, shakshuka, or shawarma.

Sampling the cuisine at a destination will help you learn more about the nation’s flavors, history, and relationship with food. So, treat yourself to some paella in Spain, enjoy bacalhau in Portugal, or grab some pad Thai when in Thailand.

Look for Hidden Gems

There is likely more to a nation than its commercial attractions. Head off the beaten track to soak up a culture and embrace new experiences that can help you feel closer to a country. While every tourist will want to experience the bright lights of Times Square or take a stroll through Central Park, you could learn more about New York by visiting its hidden tropical rainforest, taking a ride on the subway, or visiting the Irish Hunger Memorial.

Talk to the Locals

In addition to booking a knowledgeable tour operator, aim to speak to the locals when on vacation. It cannot only help you learn more about a country’s residents, but they will know the best places to grab a bite to eat, and the hidden gems or experiences you will not want to miss during your stay in a town or city.

Don’t Plan Too Much

For the above reasons, you should avoid packing too many activities into your itinerary. It will allow you to venture off the beaten path to find a hidden gem or to follow up on a local’s recommendations. Plus, you could spot some activities you might like to try when in a country. It will ensure you don’t return home from a trip with any regrets.

So, if you want to soak up the culture on your next vacation, bear these handy tips in mind when planning a getaway either alone or with your loved ones.


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