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Getting More from Your Windows


Home improvements and renovations are all the rage, especially now that people have more time at home to tackle projects they had been dreaming about. However, many people get distracted by trends and expensive appliances that will lose their appeal in a short time. Great home design is a balance of creating a comfortable, safe and private place, that also makes you feel alive when you welcome in the light and celebrate the natural world outside. A room with no windows is depressing, a room that is all windows is too exposed. But if you find the balance, you will have improved your home in a way that will never fade or go out of style. The better the balance of light and space is managed, the less you will feel the need to fill the room with impersonal decorations.

·         Make the Most of Your View: A great tragedy occurs when the layout of a new home is decided without considering the natural features nearby. It is critically important to establish the best views and the direction of the light, before you begin to consider the layout of the home. You may have paid more for your property, simply because of its proximity to nature. But then if your home design ignores the view, you will lose potential value. It is not enough to have windows in all the good directions, you should have the kind of windows that don’t make you feel separated from the scenery.

·         Floor to Ceiling Windows: The ultimate way to maintain your protection from the elements but still feel like you are at one with nature, is to build at least one room with floor to ceiling windows. Websites like theframelessglasscompany.com have great examples of how potentially ordinary rooms can be transformed into a gallery of light and sky. Needing only minimal décor to finish the look. This is especially critical if you have a million-dollar view outside your home. A wall of glass and even borderless corners will add great value to a home and will never go out of style. Care and attention to the direction of the sun is important though, and some UV protection might be necessary.

·         A House With no View: In some situations, the view around a home is blocked by buildings or other infrastructure and there is no truly attractive scenery. It is still possible to improve such a home by adding more windows. Perhaps even skylights. But you will have to be more creative with the use of sheer drapes. With natural light and a little fresh air, the house will have a better feel and will positively affect all your daily experiences.

Masterful use of windows is one of the best ways to add lasting value to a home and to give your property desirability when it comes time to sell. And more importantly the addition of expanded views and natural light will do wonders for your peace of mind all the years that you live there. Before you go off and buy a bunch of gadgets or crafts for your home, consider how more and bigger windows could help you do more with less.



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