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Four warm weather garden essentials for the spring


As the temperatures start to climb slowly and the daffodils start to appear, there is the excitement of knowing that the cold, dark days of winter are gradually fading, leaving the warm excitement of the summer months ahead. To make the most of the warmer weather, make sure that you put these essential items into place so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the springtime. Here are four warm-weather garden essentials for the spring.


1.  Garden furniture

Spring is the season of new life: bulbs are shooting up, adding color to your garden after months of winter gloom, and animals are waking from hibernation and starting to breed, filling the air with the sounds of their calls. Bring your garden furniture out of storage so that you can sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring. You might find that you have some cleaning and maintenance work to carry out to ensure that your garden furniture looks its best for the warm weather ahead, for instance, adding a fresh coating of sealant to protect the color and integrity of wooden furniture. If your garden furniture is looking the worse for wear, now might be the time to invest in a new set before garden centers become too busy in the summertime.


2.  Drinks

There is perhaps nothing more relaxing on a warm day than sitting outside with a cool drink. Your tipple of choice might be a cold beer, chilled glass of white wine, or gin and tonic with ice. Make sure that your fridge is stocked up with your favorites for when the warm weather hits. Drinks House 247 found at drinkshouse247.co.uk, provides a late-night beer delivery service to ensure that you have ready access to your favorite drinks well into the evening. You do not have to just consider alcoholic drinks either: there are many delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic options available for you to enjoy, such as mocktails and juices, if that is what you prefer.


3.  Outside lighting

With the nights still drawing in relatively early, outside lighting will allow you to enjoy the spring weather well into the evening. There are many different outside lighting options available to suit your taste and budget. Fairy lights, for example, look pretty and add a whimsical touch to your garden. On the other hand, sconces can be used to light up the path leading to your front door while still appearing chic.


4.  Plants

Plants can add some colorful cheer to a garden; as the weather starts to warm up, take some time to consider what plants you would like to see this year. You might want to invest in some new summer-blooming flowers, such as bougainvillea and clematis, to ensure that your garden is awash with color in the summer months. Likewise, consider growing some fruit and vegetables in your garden for a fresh, homegrown summer salad. Bell peppers and raspberries are low maintenance options that are easy to grow for beginners.


  1. I am going to plant more flowers and herbs in my yard. I love spring!

  2. Hoping for a good Spring. Officially starts this weekend.


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