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Top Tips For Looking Your Personal Best

Want to look your best? Let's be honest, who doesn't really? But looking our own personal best doesn't mean we have to look like someone else or have a particular body type. We simply have to know how to use the body that we have now. Here are a few simple tips on looking your personal best.

Know Your Body Shape. 

Apple. Pear. Hourglass. These are just a few of the different body types out there. There are no two bodies alike and there is nothing wrong with that. We do however want to know our body type so that we can dress it appropriately. For example something like these bandage dress wholesale may look great on an hourglass body to really show off those curves, but perhaps might not look quite the same on someone with a rectangle shape. If you know your personal body type, you can discover the styles and fits that are most flattering for YOU. 

Buy the Right Size.

Let's get one thing straight here: size truly means nothing. It is all about fit... especially considering the vast difference in women's clothing sizes even within the same brand. Personally, my closet ranges anywhere from XSmall to Medium depending on not only each particular brand, but also the particular fit of that piece. We all might want to say that we can get into 'such and such' size and it can be emotionally taxing having to purchase a larger size... but we will find that your body will actually look its best if you're wearing the correct size. I'm certainly preaching to the choir on this one, this concept can be a little easier said than done... but oh what a difference it can make. 

Invest in Good Shapewear. 

When many people think of shapewear, their mind perhaps goes to corsets and more intense options like these wholesale waist trainers with logo . And while those are still completely good options for those that want/need them, not all shapewear is the same. You can get those more intense shapers with more compression for the most drastic difference, or you can get lower compression shapewear options that will just help to smooth things out. They don't alter your body too much, but just help in the way your clothes lay on your body. They can help with posture as well, which also helps you look your best too. 

Dress with Confidence.

No matter your size, shape or style... nothing looks better on a woman than confidence. I have found that confidence can go both ways. When you feel confident, that confidence shows and makes you all the more beautiful and when you feel like you look beautiful you feel all that much better about yourself! Use some of these tips above and hopefully your confidence will follow.

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