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The Perfectionist Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway

 **Complimentary copy of book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

About the Book


Book:  The Perfectionist

Author: Elisabeth Bennett

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living/Personal Growth

Release date: March 2, 2021


The Enneagram is an ancient personality typology using nine points within a circle to represent nine distinct personality types. This sixty-day devotional is for the Perfectionist, number 1 of the Enneagram personality types.
This book will help Perfectionists, and those who love them, better understand how God created them and how best to use their unique gifts to serve Him and love others. It features a full explanation of what the Enneagram is and how it benefits people, followed by a full description of what it means to be a 1, including the Perfectionist’s deadly sin and their greatest strength.
Some attributes of the Perfectionist:

  • Motivation: To be good, have integrity, and achieve this by following the rules.
  • Biggest Fear: Ones fear being evil or corrupt, unable to do good things or make a difference.
  • Gut Triad: Ones, along with Eights and Nines, receive information through their gut, instinctively feeling if something is right or wrong. When Ones see others blatantly disobeying the “rules” that are very obvious to them, it triggers an anger response, and can cause Ones to be burdened by boiling frustration.

The sixty days of this devotional are split into six 10-day topics that include uniqueness, weakness, strength, pain points, and how Perfectionists react in times of stress and growth.


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About the Author


Elisabeth Bennett first discovered the Enneagram in the summer of 2017 and immediately realized how life-changing this tool could be. She set out to absorb all she could about this ancient personality typology, including a twelve-week Enneagram certification course taught by Beth McCord, who has studied the Enneagram for more than twenty-five years.
Elisabeth started her own Enneagram Instagram account (@Enneagram.Life) in 2018, which has grown to nearly 65,000 followers. Since becoming a certified Enneagram coach, she has conducted more than one hundred one-on-one coaching sessions, focused on helping her clients find their type and apply the Enneagram to their lives for personal and spiritual growth. Elisabeth has also conducted staff/team building sessions for businesses and high school students.
She has lived in beautiful Washington State her entire life and now has the joy of raising her own children there with her husband, Peter.


More from Elisabeth

This is the only devotional series that combines daily Scripture reading with Enneagram wisdom tailored specifically to one Enneagram type. Endorsements include Ryan O’Neal, Sleeping At Last singer-songwriter whose work has been featured on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy and the Twilight Saga movies, and Beth McCord, a popular Enneagram coach and author.

My Review

Do you know your Enneagram? For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Enneagram is an ancient personality typology that uses nine points within a circle to represent nine very distinct personality types- Type 1: The Perfectiomist, Type 2: The Helper, Type 3: The Achiever, Type 4: The Individualist, Type 5: The Thinker, Type 6: The Guardian, Type 7: The Enthusiast, Type 8: The Challenger and Type 9: The Peacemaker. 

 If you are a type 1: the perfectionist, this devotional is for you!

Before the devotions even get started, this book is packed full of information about Enneagram- both in general as to what it is and how we as Christians can use it, as well as information particular those Type 1 Perfectionists. If you have any interest at all in learning about the subject, this could certainly be a good resource to help you do so. The devotions themselves are broken into 6 groups of 10 days, each taking on a different subject. All subjects within these devotions are written with the perfectionist in mind making it a very unique devotional unlike any I've ever read. They are quick and easy to read with Biblical references and insights to help you learn to understand your personality type and understand how that applies to your faith as well. 

If you are a Christian who is already interested in Enneagram (or who wants to learn more), this is certainly one worth checking out! 

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