Friday, March 26, 2021

5 Reasons You Should Install Aircon in Your Home

It’s that time of year when the weather begins to change again. We’ve spent months cooped up indoors due to the frigid temperature, and now the sun is slowly peeking its way through the clouds and warming the earth up once again.

Heating Vs. Aircon

While you may have spent the last few months cooped up indoors with the heating on full blast, not thinking about aircon, as the weather turns warmer you’ll soon be ditching the duvets and getting ready to turn on your Cedar Hill air heating and air conditioning unit from Dial One to cool the place down.


What happens if you don’t have aircon though, is it really worth it?


Here are five reasons that you need to install aircon this spring before it gets blisteringly hot this summer!

Great Sleep

There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth and dripping with sweat. It is, quite frankly, really unpleasant!


Studies have shown that we actually sleep better in a dark and cool room, which is why you need to install an aircon unit to help regulate the heat.

Great for Humidity

Experts also agree that sleeping in a room with some humidity is much better for you than sleeping in a horribly dry room. Sleeping in a too hot and too dry room can also lead to an increase in allergy sensitivities and sensitive sinuses, leading to more issues with breathing and coughs.


Not good.


While you don’t want your home to be dropping with damp, a good aircon unit will help to circulate the air and strike the perfect balance of humidity in your home.

Great for Exercising

Hands up who has changed one room in their house into a gym, or at least bought a piece of gym equipment due to the pandemic?


Working out in a hot and stuffy house is never nice; working out in a cool home that allows you to build up a sweat is much better. Even better is that you won’t be paying the huge gym fees or need to leave your home and worry about transmitting the virus!

Great for Focus

Just as a cooler and more humidified home is better for sleeping, so it is for working too.


No one wants to be that person in the office that is stuck under the aircon vent and wearing gloves, a hat, and a scarf in the middle of August, but being able to work in a cooler environment will be just the thing you need to help you focus on your job, especially if you’re one of the thousands of Americans who aren’t going back to your office any time soon!

Great for Purer Air

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of having an aircon system installed in your home is that you will have purer air, with the ability to filter out allergens and pollutants from outside.


If you live in a town or a city, this is a huge bonus.


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