Friday, February 26, 2021

Update Your Look for Spring with These Beauty Products


As winter is in its final weeks, it is the perfect time to look ahead at the spring and summer trends, fashions, and styles that are going to be hot for 2021. This is the ideal time to pick up some must-have essentials that will update your look and have you ready to embrace the change in seasons before everything flies off the store shelves. But where should you start?

One area you may want to focus on is beauty products, as there are always hot new items and looks that tend to coincide with a change in seasons. As usual, the spring trends are leaning towards healthy, glowing, radiant looking skin and plenty of bright pops of color on the face. So, let’s take a look as some specific beauty trends you can embrace for spring and summer.

Warm Toned Eyes - Subtle Glam

It's all about the subtle glam look for spring, and that means taking everything you know about glam makeup and toning it right down. This equates to lighter application, lighter colors, and just a softening all-around. In order to pull off the perfect glam eye look, you should embrace warm tones such as bronze, gold, antique gold, and soft browns and steer clear of harsher more cool-toned shades.

It's All About the Monochromatic Look

If you struggle to pair your eye color to your cheek and lip color, you're going to love this trend. For spring, it's all about the monochrome look, which means wearing the same shades on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. It’s simple, it looks elegant and professional, and anyone can pull it off.

Thick Beautiful Lashes

If you’ve been wondering how everyone seems to be getting those thick beautiful looking eyelashes, it may not be just great mascara. Sure, there are formulas meant to lengthen and add volume, but mascara alone may not be enough. Instead, you could look into lash extensions which will give you a stunning result. You can really customize how thick, full, and long you want your lashes to be and even have the illusion of false eyelashes.

What makes lash extensions so great is that you aren’t applying and removing them daily like traditional false eyelashes. Instead, a professional applies them right to your lash line, using individual eyelashes to create a natural and beautiful look. These extensions typically last four to five weeks before you’ll need to go back and get them filled in again. You can learn more about them by visiting studios like Selena's Lash Studio.

Yes, the Nude Lip Is Back Again

Here's a question - has there ever been a point where the nude lip was out of style? Once again, the nude lip is popping up on all the runways and in magazines and is a trend well worth embracing. The key is to use a flesh-toned lip liner, which means matching it to your specific lip shade, and then topping it off with a luscious rich clear gloss.

All of these beauty trends will have you looking stunning as spring rolls around.


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