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6 Family Bathroom Modeling Tips


When it comes to home remodeling projects, the bathroom is a prime candidate. Not only is the bathroom one of the most well-used but least cared for rooms in the house, but it also has the potential to add value to your home. It is also one of the smallest rooms in the home, which makes the big jobs like new walls, flooring, fixtures, and fittings much more affordable than they would be in a kitchen remodel, for example. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, here are six tips to keep in mind to make the project as straightforward and cost-effective as possible.

Consult professionals early on

The key to a smooth and successful bathroom transformation is to get the right professional advice before any practical work begins. While you might assume that you will save money by going it alone, you will be much more likely to make mistakes that will cost you time and money. For example, if you want to replace or move the sink, bath, or toilet, you will need to understand the network of plumbing in your bathroom. A professional company like Beehive Plumbing will be able to advise you on the best plumbing solution for your needs and might even be able to suggest some improvements.

Make the most of the space

Bathrooms are often small in size, but with a clever design, you can maximize your usable space. Built-in features which are recessed into the wall, such as storage cabinets, toilet paper holders, and soap dishes, can make a surprisingly big difference when trying to make the bathroom more spacious. You might even want to choose a ceiling light that is recessed into the ceiling to prevent it from dangling down overhead.

Upgrade your lighting

On the topic of lighting, one of your top priorities should be the lighting in your bathroom. Dark bathrooms not only make the space feel smaller, but they are also a hindrance when people are trying to clean and inspect their face, body, and hair. You might want to add lighting around the main mirror as well as multiple lights in the ceiling to ensure the entire room is well-lit, not just the area directly beneath a fixed light.

4.   Use hooks for storage

It is important to have adequate storage in your bathroom to ensure the room does not become cluttered, as this can make the room feel smaller and make it harder to clean. Hooks can be attached to the door, walls, and the sides of cabinets. You can then hang towels, clothes, bathrobes, and some hygiene products.

Make the room bright and light

In addition to making the right lighting choice, you can make the bathroom feel more spacious by choosing a color scheme that is light and plan without busy patterns and dark colors. You can inject some bold color and visual interest with bathroom plants and several stylish mirrors that will reflect light around the room.

 6.   Be careful with flooring

You need to find a balance between flooring that is attractive but also practical and low maintenance. Bathroom floors have to be able to withstand lots of footfall as well as water, soaps, and dirt. The most popular flooring options include porcelain and ceramic tiles or vinyl.



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