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3 Things for Your Wedding That Can Be Surprisingly Pricey


The time between your engagement and your wedding can be incredibly exciting as you find yourself surrounded by the love and support of your family and friends. Moreover, the anticipation of being able to spend the rest of your life with your spouse-to-be can fill you with overwhelming joy. However, there are other aspects of this time in your life that are likely to be overwhelming in other ways as well.


Planning a wedding is a stressful process, even at the best of times. Not only are you going to be working on getting every last detail just right, but you will also be spending a surprisingly large amount of money on your wedding.


While you are most likely prepared to face the bill in regard to the big-ticket items like your venue and catering, there are several things that you might want or need to have for your wedding that can be surprisingly expensive.


In order to help you make the most realistic wedding budget for yourself as possible, here are three things that you should remember to factor in that can cost far more than you might think.


1. Flowers


If you have dreams of a wedding ceremony or reception that is covered in flowers and foliage, you might need to take care when you run the numbers. Flowers can be one of the things that cost more than you would think for a wedding.


It is important to do your research on florists in perth to make sure that you are getting both the quality that you want in your flowers at the price that you can afford. When you are able to find the right florist who will work with your budget to create the arrangements and bouquets you are dreaming of, you will end up with a beautiful end result that didn’t break the bank.


2. Stationary


There is going to be more paper involved with your wedding than you might have anticipated, costing you more than your initial estimates might have allowed for. Things like save-the-dates aren’t as commonplace as they once were, so you might consider omitting them entirely.


However, invitations, place cards, and ceremony programs are generally necessary. You might also wish to have menus printed up for the tables at your reception. Quality stationery can be incredibly pricey, so make sure to factor that in.


3. Transportation


While you can most likely count on the majority of your guests figuring out their own transportation, you will likely need to factor in transportation for you and your spouse-to-be before and after the wedding reception. Furthermore, if your ceremony is at a different location from your reception, you will need separate transport for you both.


Many couples also like to arrange a fun transport option for their wedding party. It is assumed that most in the wedding party will be enjoying the festivities, so make sure that everyone has a way of getting home safely.



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