Friday, November 20, 2020

What Type of Cat Should I Get? A Guide to the Most Common Breeds

 If you’re thinking of getting a purebred cat, it’s vital to know the differences between the many breeds. Do you know your Siamese from your Ragdoll? Your Maine Coon from your Persian? Many people mistakenly assume that a cat is a cat, and that the breed doesn’t matter too much. In fact, cat breeds can vary a lot in appearance and behavior. It’s also important to consider any health issues the different breeds may be vulnerable to and how much care is needed. Read on to find out some important facts about the most popular cat breeds.


With their adorably squished faces, Persians are the pugs of the cat world. However, like pugs, their flat faces can cause them to have breathing problems. If you adopt a Persian, you will have to be committed to helping them breathe properly. This can mean everything from regularly checking their nose for obstructions, to keeping them slim and fit so their breathing is less labored. Persians are also known for their beautiful, long coats. These can be any color, from pure white to calico. As their coats are long and thick, Persian cats need regular grooming to prevent their fur from becoming matted.


Siamese cats are a wonderfully elegant breed that originated in Thailand. Most Siamese cats have distinct dark markings referred to as ‘points’, which can feature on their tail, feet, ears, and face. Siamese cats demand a lot of attention and are very vocal. They are very playful but also love to cuddle up to their owners. You should only get a Siamese if you can afford to give it lots of time and attention. Unlike most cats, Siamese cats do not like too much time alone and may become restless and destructive without frequent human company. If you do decide to go for a Siamese, check out for more information on this precocious breed’s behavior and for advice on how to manage it.  


Ragdoll cats are a very sweet and docile breed. Their name comes from their tendency to go limp like a ragdoll when they are picked up. They have a similar pointed coloring to Siamese cats and have long, thick coats. Ragdolls need frequent grooming to prevent their coats from matting. Many Ragdoll owners describe them as ‘dog-like’, due to their friendly and loving personalities. As well as being gentle lap cats, Ragdolls also love to play, so make sure you invest in a few toys to keep your bundle of fluff entertained!

Maine Coon

Due to their large size and kind nature, Maine Coons are often referred to as ‘gentle giants’. The combination of their size and their thick coats gives them an incredibly striking appearance. Maine Coons are very intelligent and curious, so should have lots of stimulation. In fact, they are so smart and responsive that many owners have successfully taught their Maine Coon tricks. As most cat owners will tell you, this is a real achievement!



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