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Take the Guesswork Out of TTC with SmileReader {A #momsmeet Review + Coupon Code} #SmileReader

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Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of adulting is making the big decisions. You know the ones, right? Not the silly little 'what's for dinner tonight'--- though that can certainly be a difficult one in my house, but it's not a life changing one. There are however, those bigger decisions that can truly turn your world upside down.

The biggest of these decisions might just be whether or not to grow your family. 

Oh yes, choosing what's for dinner will have no long term affects, but choosing to have a child is a lifelong commitment and one not to be taken lightly. Once the decision is made, it is not always as easy as just having a baby. There is some degree of planning involved, and it can come harder for some than others. 

When we chose to add baby #2 to our family, I chose to use an app that helped track cycles as well as signs from my own body. For us, this method worked out well and resulted in two pregnancies, one being successful. Still, to some degree, it was a lot of guesswork. While tracking apps are great and can be truly helpful for so many, they too really just are using educated guessing based on your cycle history and the norm for others. Many are not quite like clockwork as that formula they use to predict ovulation, which can lead to frustration. When trying to conceive, even a day or two off can make all the difference. This can be a stressful time for many parents to be, why add on any extra stress?

Today, I'm excited to share a product that can help take out the guesswork and offers support while trying to conceive: the SmileReader Ovulation Kit. 

So, what exactly is the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit?

SmileReader Ovulation Kits are kits that contain both ovulation and pregnancy tests, which when used together with the SmileReader app can aid in conception. The kits are available in various size options to best fit your needs and are quite inexpensive compared to many options as well. They typically retail for: $3.49 for the 5 LH + 1 HCG kit, $11.89 for the 30 LH + 10 HCG kit, and $13.98 for the 50 LH + 20 HCG kit. The strips are very easy to use and over 99% accurate. And with the kit, you get free access to the all features on the SmileReader app. 

Sounds great, but how user friendly is the system? 

I was recently given the chance to give it a try for myself and share my experience.

As I've said, this is not the first fertility/period tracking app that I have used, so I knew a bit about what to expect going in. When you download the app, you will create an account at no cost. To start tracking, you will be asked the first date of your last period. It should automatically adjust to 5 days in length, but you can adjust as needed. That initial tracking will be based upon the typical averages. With this type of app, the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes as it begins to get a feel for your actual cycle. 

The first thing I noticed about the app is that it has a very clean and simple design... not too over the top, but very easy to read. It will show the days of your previous period highlighted in orange, your next expected in a circled orange and estimated period of ovulation in green. These will change to a darker green as the testing becomes more accurate with testing, etc. 

When you click on any given day, you can also track various symptoms such as temperature, weight, cervical mucus, mood, etc. Again, this all helps for better tracking, but also really helps you to also get a better understanding of how YOUR body works, which is a great thing! Not only is this great for trying to conceive, but should any health issues start to arise, you will have a record of that. You can also track when you've been intimate as well. 

These are all pretty typical features for the tracking apps I've personally experienced. There are a few things that set SmileReader apart however. First, you can also have your partner set up a partner account. This allows your partner to also be able to track things so they kind of know what to expect as well. This feature is completely optional so you can choose not to do so if you're more comfortable. 

The primary feature that sets it apart is the ability to work with those LH (fertility) and HCG (pregnancy) tests. 

The tests included in the kit are the very basic strip tests. Personally, I like these as they are just as easy to read/use as other options... but are quite inexpensive. If you are trying to have a baby (or just have a hunch you might be), my experience has been that you might go through a lot of tests. I am a compulsive tester, and have found that with my history of miscarriage, I like to take frequent tests to watch that line get darker. While I cannot say I recommend this, those of us prone to compulsive testing really can't stop ourselves. At least with these particular tests, it's more cost effective to do so! 

On green days, you will test with the LH strips for potential fertility. When you've reached your peak fertility days, it will let you know with a fun smiling baby image. Cute idea, right? Then naturally, you would use the HCG test when you feel you might be pregnant, ideally after a late period. 

For those who do test early, you will certainly appreciate the various modes in which you can read your results. Obviously, you'll have your standard mode that will just show the test as it is. Nothing too exciting about that. You will also have the option to view in grey mode and in inverted mode. These options give us a better look at the actual contrast of the image, and can often allow us to see those very faint first lines better than we could with our bare eyes. The app can look at all of these modes, and let you know if the test is positive or negative. If you have experienced those barely there lines, you know how frustrating they can be and what a great feature this truly is. (This particular feature is designed specifically to work with the SmileReader test strips. I also recommend using the best lighting you can find- natural if possible- for best results.) 

Whew, that's a lot to take in, isn't it? Oftentimes in cases like this, pictures speak much louder than words! While I do not personally feel comfortable sharing own test results, take a look at these fantastic videos to get a better look:

On their own, the tests work fine if you know when to test and how to read the results. Likewise, the app can be a great tool by itself, but really can be a day or two off as it relies on some guesswork for accuracy. Together, however, the tests and the apps really do take so much of the guesswork out of it. Rather than testing every day, you will best know when is best to test and not have to rely on just your own vision to translate the results. This truly is a fantastic tool to help you along your journey in trying to conceive. And while perhaps not as common, it can also be helpful in helping those using natural family planning to avoid conceiving... do just that by knowing when to avoid intimacy as well, though perhaps not the most foolproof method, of course! 

Want to experience SmileReader for yourself? You can grab them at Amazon here:

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If you are trying to conceive, I wish you luck and hope that this fantastic product will help you get there faster! 


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