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Top Tips to Slow Down Aging in Your 30’s


To age is a privilege denied to many, and amongst the grateful, it is normal to want to put the brakes on the aging process, to maintain the same quality of life (and looks) that we are accustomed too. Anti-aging steps are not all about aesthetics, but are also about how our bodies work as we get older. There are many things that start to change as we hit our late 20s and move into the 30s, but the good news is that there are plenty of steps we can take to keep our bodies looking and functioning the best they can — and here are some of the most effective. 

When Should We Start Thinking About Aging?

Aging is a funny process because it happens to everyone at different rates and also differs in terms of severity. With that in mind – not one size fits all. A lot depends on lifestyle choices as to how fast the body might age and what complications could occur later in life. 

A typical healthy body will see the aging process progress in the 20s as, slowly but surely, cells start to die off faster than they are produced. Therefore, the best time to start thinking about taking care of your health, body, and mind, is around the mid-twenties.


Protect Your Skin at All Costs  

Maybe you spent your teens and 20s trying to develop the deepest tan possible no matter how much your skin got burned. But if sunscreen has not yet crossed your mind, it should be top of your ant-aging list.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and the sun is the number one cause of premature aging of the skin. Luckily, this process is completely preventable. The sun’s ultraviolet rays destroy collagen and the skin’s elasticity, which not only causes wrinkles, but can also contribute to sagging skin, dilated blood vessels, and of course, skin cancer. 

Luckily, a simple high factor sunscreen applied regularly is enough to help prevent all of these issues! 

For those whose skin needs a boost, this Colorado laser clinic has got it covered, with an impressive amount of expert treatments to leave your skin feeling brand new.

Exercise, Exercise, and More Exercise

Exercise is renowned as being good for us for many reasons, and keeping the body young and healthy is definitely one of them. A recent study found that exercise can keep the body decades younger. The study discovered that some 70-year-old participants were owners of organs that were in the same shape as a 40-year-old’s organs.

Interestingly, the study also found that those who embarked on higher intensity workouts did not see better health results – even a leisurely walk every day can result in these fantastic benefits. Exercise doesn’t just take care of the inside either, but also provides the added benefit of helping those who keep fit look younger too by increasing blood flow and improving posture!


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