Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Mom's Guide to Age-Appropriate Birthday Gifts


Raising kids is a whiplash of experiences. They seem to grow bigger by the day, and they change and develop by the hour. One second, they love one new hobby, and in the next, they have completely forgotten about it. Kids are trying to figure out who they are and what they love to do! It’s completely natural that they decide they like or don’t like new things at the drop-off a hat, but it can make gift-giving problematic.

To help you get age-appropriate gifts that your child will love, follow this guide.

Babies and Toddlers

Baby toys are so easy. It’s hard to go wrong with a toy for children in their first few years, but if you were in any way unsure, all toys in this age bracket actually have age ranges recommended right on the box. For your best choice, go for ones that help them develop the many different areas of their cognitive function, so that they learn while having fun. If you need more help, see this guide on Kidsco on the best toys for 6 months old babies.



Children of all ages will start to play act. They are at a time when they reenact scenarios and make up stories, so toys that allow them to visualize that their imagination is perfect. Dolls, action figures, even cars can all be used to help bring their imagination to life. Now is also an acceptable age to introduce video games and the like to your children if you feel comfortable and if a gaming console is within your budget. Just remember to keep it in a communal space!



Your preteen will start to claim their independence at some point, but they are also going to seem like complete airheads about certain things. Make it easier for them to stay safe and secure outside on their own with their friends with a few great gift ideas. A Keebos.com crossbody phone case, for example, can give you the peace of mind that they’ll always have their phone right there with them. They won’t lose it, won’t have it taken, and are far less likely to break it. You can keep an eye on them; they can start to be more independent.



Teens know more about themselves and what they want, so just listen to them. Use their ideas as inspiration and know when to put your foot down. Typically, most teens will want a gadget of some kind. New headphones, a game, a computer — if you can manage it, now is the time to give them many of these essential items that they will need during their young adult years.


When your child grows up into an adult, all bets are off. House gifts, kitchen gifts, cooking gifts or the things you have in your home that they don’t have, are great gift options. It takes time to build up a fully stocked kitchen, for example. The same applies to putting a house together. Give them these gifts because it isn’t just something fun; it’s a way they can improve their health and their everyday life.


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