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Three reasons why you should get a cat

With their enigmatic independence and sassy attitude, cats have sometimes become the victims of negative stereotypes, having been characterized as being uncaring and aloof. However, cats make the ideal pet if you take the time to get to know them and win their trust, proving just as affectionate as dogs. Considering this, here are three reasons why you should welcome a cat into your home.

1.   Cats are relatively low maintenance
While pet dogs undeniably become fun-loving, active members of the family, they require a lot of daily maintenance to ensure that they remain as healthy and happy as possible. A dog requires walking several times a day, breeds such as whippets requiring more exercise, and you have to clean up after them. On the other hand, cats are independent creatures who require much less attention from their human carers. They do their own exercise, roaming about the neighborhood at all hours and performing amazing acrobatic stunts up trees and along fences, and are very clean, grooming themselves from head to toe. There’s no lingering on the sidewalk with a poop bag with a cat. Nevertheless, however, independent cats appear to be, take care not to neglect their needs. Make sure you sign up to a trusted vet, such as easyvet Midlothian, who will provide your cat with an annual check-up and inoculations, and be sure to keep on top of worm and flea medications.

2.    A cat’s purr has properties
If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear a relaxed cat purring, you’ll know that it is one of those sounds that is sure to melt the heart. Aside from the cuteness overload, however, did you know that a cat’s purr has been scientifically proven to have healing properties? Purr vibrations are in the range of 20 to 140 Hz, which has been proven to be therapeutic for a range of conditions, such as stimulating the healing of soft tissue, infection and swelling. It is not known exactly why cats purr, but they are known to do it for relaxation purposes which can also benefit humans: petting a purring cat can lower stress levels and blood pressure, and studies show that cat owners have 40% less risk of a heart attack.

3.   Cats are loyal to their owners
Cats have been unreasonably branded as being aloof and uncaring towards humans; however, new research is confirming what cat owners have known for years: cats are just as loyal as dogs, showing their own kind of affection and—understandably—preferring the company of those who appreciate their feline ways. A cat rubbing their head against you is a recognized sign of cat affection, as is a slow blink—the ‘cat kiss’. Rather than being an antisocial species, cats are reciprocal animals, only showing affection if you are first affectionate towards them. In this way, rather than being a blind follower to a pack leader, a cat’s loyalty is genuinely earnt, making it that much more valuable.


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