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Spiritual Lessons That The Pandemic Is Teaching The World

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the biggest crisis the world has ever faced. The challenges are beyond fighting the disease and saving human lives and businesses. There is much more that everyone is facing amid the physical suffering, emotional isolation and economic downturn. Yet, if you see things with a different perspective, the pandemic is here to give the human race spiritual lessons that it needed more than ever. It is important to understand and embrace these lessons so that you can emerge as a stronger and better person once the ordeal is over.

Lesson #1: It is time to realign your priorities
While the need for self-quarantine and social distancing may have forced you to slow down, it also brings the opportunity to realign your priorities. Perhaps, people had become too materialistic in the race of making money and acquiring assets. The value of family and relationships had diminished as no one had time to spend together. However, this time together is a chance to re-evaluate what is essential and give time to people who matter. At the same time, it teaches you to be more conscious about your health, which is something you may not have done for ages.

Lesson #2: Mother Nature needs to heal
After all the abuse that the human race has inflicted on the environment, Mother Nature has shown that she needs to heal. Pollution, air and water contamination and deforestation had become the way of life. With the pandemic, the world has been forced to shut down as industries like travel and manufacturing are no longer operating. It is Nature’s way of saying that she wants downtime to regain the balance. And it also shows that no matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, it cannot equate the power of the divine.

Lesson #3: Getting back to the basics is the need of the hour
The society had chosen to lead a lifestyle that focused on greater convenience and more enjoyment. But the mindset itself brought more greed, hassle, and stress as everyone wanted to achieve, attain, and accumulate. However, the crisis has shown that getting back to the basics is the need of the hour. The principles of the Christian Lifestyle emphasize values like faith, love, and truth while giving up the materialistic desires and avoiding temptations. The focus needs to shift to simplicity and minimalism once again.

Lesson #4: One should embrace uncertainties
There couldn’t be more uncertainty in the world than it is now. There are fears about getting sick, losing your loved ones, financial crisis, and job loss. But there is also a lesson that you should embrace uncertainties rather than let them scare you. Treat the crisis as an opportunity to build your patience and resilience. You will definitely emerge stronger for the new beginning. And you will also be able to purge the negativity and apprehension related to uncertainty if you embrace it.

With the amazing lessons that the pandemic brings, this is surely the time to recognize them and learn from them. This is a slower and simpler season, a perfect time to reconnect with oneself and re-evaluate what is meaningful and necessary for life.


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