Monday, July 13, 2020

How to Pick the Perfect Perfume

Many beauty gurus will say that someone’s outfit can never be fully complete without the perfect scent. Much like style, scent is a very personal thing and can also be interchangeable when it comes to different moods, looks, and occasions.

This piece will guide the reader through how to pick an ideal perfume based on scent preferences and suitable for any occasion. 

Why Wear Perfume?

Wearing perfume has many benefits from boosting confidence to enhancing mood. Originally, perfume was used to keep unpleasant body odors at bay, but now perfume has a much more aesthetic contribution and is used to tie in the role that someone is playing for the day. For example, there could be a specific scent that gets someone in the mindset for work and a different scent that prepares someone for a date. Perfumes now complement a lot of daily life, and can also, simply make people feel good.

Find Individual Scents that Encourage a Feel-Good Mood

Depending on what event the perfume is being used for, it is important to find individual scents that can be used as a guide when trying out perfumes. For example, if someone absolutely adores the smell of roses, this might be an excellent component for a favorable perfume.

Maybe mint makes another feel energized, or the smell of chopped herbs is invigorating, which would indicate that herb components to a perfume might be an ideal note to a personalized perfume. Whatever scent it is, take some time to find out the scents that really appeals and what emotions they evoke. This is good base research for choosing a perfume for any occasion.

Perfume and Different Occasions

There is a widely held notion that there is a perfect perfume for any occasion. For example, something light and fresh is often hailed as a daytime perfume. Something fruity and floral is often classed as a great, flirty date perfume and for the evening. A heady woody, spiced perfume mimics the depth of the night.

Because different scents can evoke different moods, this is also worth considering in making the right choice for the occasion, as universal scents could have a similar effect on everyone — i.e. vanilla is soothing, grapefruit is uplifting.

Sometimes choosing a perfume can just be as easy as following instinct, but it can get a bit expensive if someone has to purchase a full bottle to see how it makes them feel throughout the day. This is where is a fantastic option – a perfume subscription service that allows perfume lovers to try the most famous scents for a fraction of the price.

Wait for Scent to Settle on the Skin

Something important about picking the perfect perfume is patience. Seeing how a perfume wears on the skin throughout the day is vital to finding the perfect match, as the notes all blend together and then fade throughout the day.  

Another tip is to dab the perfume on the wrist and do not rub it together, as this can bruise the notes. Simply dab and wait, then smell all the notes unfurl.


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