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How To Keep Your Workplace Ready For All Weather

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As the seasons change, there is often a lot of talk about preparing your home for various weather conditions... but what about your workplace or warehouse? An ill prepared warehouse can cause delays and lead to loss of profit, so it is just as important to keep it all-weather ready as well. How should you do so? Here are a few things to consider:

Invest in Quality Heating and Cooling Systems

Just as you would in your home, you are going to want a reliable heating system in the winter and cooling system in the summer. Keeping a comfortable workspace can help your employees be more productive, and you want something reliable enough that you are not wasting time or resources on constant repair. Consider the size and type needed when looking into appropriate options. It's also a good idea to consider high efficiency options to help save on expenses as well. Be sure to consider not just temperatures, but humidity levels as well.  Check out the options here for some ideas:

Prepare Your Parking Lot for Icy Weather

In the wintertime, it is important to consider the safety of your parking lot should icy weather occur. Doing so will keep your business more accessible (and safe) to both employees and customers alike. Use rock salt or other preventative methods, or hire an outside source to clear snow and ice if necessary.

Don't Forget Your Pipes

Again, just as they can in our homes, pipes in our place of work can freeze as well. In homes it is often recommended to leave a faucet dripping to avoid this common issue, but that may not be ideal in a work environment. You might instead consider installing an option like 
CARAPACE job-ready freeze protection pipe system. Click here to learn more and determine if this might be a good option for you. 

Consider The Equipment You Use

From typical printers to forklifts to a 3d laser engraving machine, many businesses use a wide variety of equipment to keep things running efficiently. Some of these pieces of equipment may work best in certain temperatures. For instance, both cold temperatures and static buildup from a heated office can affect your printer causing print quality issues like streaks, etc. Forklifts often used in factories and warehouse can be affected as well... using more fuel in cold temperatures and causing shorter battery life as well. You will want to take a look at the specific equipment you use and take into consideration how to best heat/cool your space for optimum performance of these machines.

Have a Severe Weather Plan

Preparing for all weather doesn't just mean hot and cold temps... we also need to be prepared should severe weather occur during the work day. Put a severe weather plan in place, and post throughout your facility so that all employees can have easy access to this information.

Consider Investing in a Backup Generator. 

From spring and summer thunderstorms to winter snowstorms, bad weather can sometimes leave us without power. While a backup generator might not be necessary for all businesses, if you are in an area that had frequent power outages it certainly might be something to consider. 

From safety considerations to creating a comfortable and productive workspace, having a plan for all types of weather can help keep your business thriving all year long. 


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