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A Mom's Guide To Survive the Upcoming School Year

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As moms, we are often faced with tough decisions... but I can think of none that have weighed heavier on so many of us than that of the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Having never had to parent through a pandemic before, it is unclear for many what the best option truly is. Should kids be sent back to school with proper precautions in place? Should they stay enrolled in their current school system and utilize the e-learning options that most schools are implementing? Should they be home-schooled with your own choice of curriculum? There is no clear cut answer, but no matter what we decide the reality is this back to school season is truly unlike any other. As such, how are we going to survive it with our sanity in tact? Today, we're looking at a few simple ideas:

Make a Plan.

Whether your children will be returning to school or not, we will want to have a plan in place. For e-learning or homeschool, set up a schedule that works for your family. Where will they work? What time frame are they looking at? Do they have all the necessary supplies/technology they will need? For children heading back to the physical school building, know your school's plan ahead of time. Will masks be required? What safety precautions are being taken? What will you do should schools have to close again? The school closures in the spring took us all by surprise, leaving us lost and confused... but with proper planning, the start of school can go much better no matter the option you choose.

Stock Up on the Coffee.

I don't know about anyone else, but around here these days of having nowhere to be have gotten us rather used to sleeping in. Whether it's back to the car line or up early for zoom classroom meetings, we may just need that caffeine boost in the morning... now more than ever. Check out this website for a wide variety of high quality coffee options you can enjoy at home.

Prepare For Early Wake Up Now.

While coffee might still be an essential, it's also a good idea to start getting your kids on a back to school sleep schedule now rather than waiting until the first day. Gradually wake them up earlier each day, adjusting bedtimes in the same way if necessary. By making this more gradual change now, it'll be a lot less of a fight come the first day!

Prioritize Self Care.

As moms, prioritizing self care can be difficult... but it's also very important. I feel like in the wake of this pandemic and all the added stresses it is even MORE important. Self care doesn't have to be time consuming or even expensive. For me, self care looks like setting aside time to read or work in a devotional. For others it might be taking a trip to the store alone. And still for others it might be enjoying a glass of the best red wine after the kids have gone to bed. Your self care doesn't have to look like anyone else's, just making sure you are taking time for you in some way!

Consider Extracurricular Activities.

Will your child's school continue extracurricular activities? Are you comfortable with allowing your child to participate? Will they be allowed to participate if doing e-learning? These are all great considerations to keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind are the finances involved with these activities. With many out of work or with less hours, fundraising for sports, band, etc might be even more important than ever. Learn more about fundraising options that might help.

Don't Compare.

Perhaps one of the greatest things you can remember this back to school season is not to compare your decision to that of others. Only you know what works for your family and what doesn't... and that may not look the same to someone else. Some find that their child does not do well with e-learning, others have no option as they have to return to work, and many have individuals in their home who are higher risk that they must take into consideration. This is new to all of us, and we are all just doing the best we can with the options we are given. Choose what you feel is best for YOUR family, and always remember to offer grace to those who choose differently.


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