Friday, January 17, 2020

More Ways to Save on Beauty with Ipsy {Add Ons}

A few months ago, I shared my thoughts on the Ipsy glam bag and how it was a great option to allow you to try high quality makeup and skincare at a good price... you can check out that original post here:

But did you know that the glam bags are not the only way that you can save money on beauty with Ipsy? Today, we're taking a look at another great option: add ons!

As the name suggests, these are additional products that can be purchased in addition to your glam bag. Key word there being in ADDITION... you must have an active Ipsy subscription to shop these great deals.

So, how does it work?

On the second of each month, two things happen on Ipsy. First, you are given a sneak peek at what will be included in your bag. Again, each bag includes FIVE deluxe sample size products, though they often also include full sized products like lip color, eyeliners, etc. You have the ability to choose one a week or so before this, and the rest will be randomly selected for you with your personalized beauty profile in mind. Once you view these, you will be given the option to shop add ons.

There are three different price options available. The most expensive are $18. These are higher end, full size products offered at a huge discount... you can expect the few products in this particular price range have a much higher retail value. There is then a wider selection of full size products for just $12. This includes a wide variety of products from makeup to skincare ranging in value from $18-$70 or so. Finally, there are $3 add ons. These are the sizes and products that you would generally find in your basic glam bag--- some full size, but many those deluxe sample sizes.

All of these products are those that were options to receive in the various bag combinations--- though not all products seen in the bags will be available as add ons. This gives us another way to grab great deals on products we were hoping for, and all ship with your bag for free.

To be honest, I don't typically shop add ons very often, but January had some amazing options and I had a little extra Christmas money to have fun with, so I was able to grab a few. Take a look:

All of the products that I chose for add were $3, and all were actually full size. The brushes were valued at $12 and $18, the lip color $24 and the concealer $9. Overall that saved me $41 on retail price. Oftentimes (and especially with the $12 add ons), the savings are even GREATER. (Of course the add on products change every month so these add ons pictures are not currently available. Looking for another good budget friendly concealer? Check out la girl pro concealer.)

You can choose up to 5 add ons per bag. This deal is typically only available on the second of the month, and once you've placed your add on order you cannot go back and add more, so you want to be certain you have grabbed what you want before checking out! This month, they have opened add ons back up and are allowing subscribers to place multiple orders of up to 5 products for free shipping apart from your bag... this is the first time they have done this, and to the best of my knowledge at the time of posting, is not something they will continue to do all the time. (Update: Since posting, Ipsy has continued to offer last chance add ons later in the month for MOST, but not every month. That said, some of the more popular products DO sell out during the first round, so if you have to have it and budget allows, I'd definitely recommend getting it sooner rather than later. As a bonus, you CAN get points for add ons shipped with your bag, but not for second chance.)

Add ons are not only a great way to personalize your bag even further, but they truly can be a great way to save money on products that might otherwise be out of budget. Many people keep an Ipsy subscription for the sake of add ons alone!

Want to learn more about Ipsy? Click here to get started. 


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