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How to Navigate Painful Family Law Issues

Whether it is a divorce, a disputed will, or the loaning of money, bringing a lawyer into your family dynamic is never an easy decision to make.

The most common Family Law issues revolve around divorce or separation, including custody battles and child support. Other issues can be spousal support, financial or practical, and property division or asset division - all of which are difficult and emotionally demanding issues that need to be addressed as such.

Introducing the law into the family home is a big step to take, but there are some ways in which you can navigate this rough sea without capsizing.

1.   Seek advice
Whether this is from a law professional, a family member, or a licensed therapist; go now to understand how any advice at the beginning of proceedings could be the key to helping you through this time. Legal experts can assist you with the practicalities of the process, while family and friends can help you through the emotional maze of the proceedings.

2.   Keep hostilities to a minimum
This is particularly important through divorce proceedings or any legal matter of which there are two opposing sides. Remember that even though civility might be the last thing on your mind, it is an integral way to keep proceedings moving forward. If you are looking for the quickest and smoothest outcome for your legal matter, leave hostilities at the door, they will only slow things down.

3.   Know what you want
Dramatically changing your mind half way through legal proceeding will not be highly regarded in your favor. Go into matters knowing what it is that you want out of them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t compromise; compromise is an often overlooked and is an integral element to legal matters. Instead, you should know what outcome it is that you need, and what you are willing to compromise on to get it.

4.   Look to the future
This is important in two different ways. One is in a practical sense: this is you first step towards your future, make sure that you are prepared for it and you are planning appropriately. Secondly, this is important in an emotional sense.

You are involving a legal proceeding into your family life, this can be enormously stressful and if not handled well, can leave emotional scars. Make sure you approach every decision in an open and honest manner, it is only through honest conversation and thoughtfulness that any wounds caused during this time will start to heal.

5.   Know what is right for you
No matter how much advice you receive, legal or familial, know that you are going through this legal proceeding because it is right for you. If you find yourself thinking about involving the law into your family, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. Sometimes others may view your actions as selfishness or cowardly, but if you know that you are doing this for your health, your happiness, or for your safety, then the truth will soon become apparent. From then on, those who doubted you will see that what you did, you did because it was the right thing for you to do.


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