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Give Yourself the Backyard of Your Dreams with these Six Steps

Your backyard could just be a plot of land with some dried out yellow grass, or it could be an oasis. It depends entirely on the effort you put into designing and, of course, maintaining it. A beautiful backyard and garden area is as much a passion project as it is a home improvement. If you already have a green thumb and want to spend more time in nature, then tackling a backyard project is an absolute must.

There are elements you’ll want to bring in professionals for, yes, but designing, planting small plants, and maintaining your yard can all be done by following these six steps:  

1.   Know What Areas You Want in Your Backyard

First things first, you need to know what you want. If you want a patio and a hot tub and a kitchen garden and a playing area, then you will either need to cut back or be very, very creative in how you design the space. Knowing what functions you want from your backyard and placing items by priority will help you create the perfect backyard based on the space available.

2.   Design the Outline of Your Yard

To create the outline of your yard, you will need to learn how to make a footprint. This means measuring your backyard and scaling it down so you can work out how to add the areas you want in your backyard in an easy, flowing layout.

3.   Design and Install Your Patio

The best patio is a simple patio. You don’t want to go too overboard but instead rely on simplicity that works well with the natural elements in your backyard. Think in terms of longevity and practicality. Start first by finding the right materials for your garden. There are two features you need to focus on during this stage; color and durability. Match the color scheme you imagine for your patio and focus on natural materials for the best results.

Once you have these materials in mind (and have checked that they are within your budget), look up patio ideas, and contact a company to have your dream patio installed to your specifications.

4.   Add Waterproof and Sealed Storage Areas

If you want to store tools or cushions outside, then you will need to invest in a quality sealed and waterproof storage system. Find the ideal storage system in advance so you can add it to your design seamlessly.

5.   Choose Plants Wisely

The plants you use in your landscaping matter. Done right, they can help you lower your energy bills, bloom throughout the year, and give you something pretty to enjoy during every season. One plant cannot do it all, but choosing different plants and flowers that work well together for your home is possible. Just get in touch with a garden nursery specialist to learn what is best for your property.

6.   Add Lighting Strategically

At the very least, you will want your patio to be lit up. If you have a water feature in the works, then lighting around these areas is also essential so you can better enjoy the water feature to improve safety. If you can, however, try and add lights throughout your backyard so that you can enjoy it day and night. From pot lights to tree lights, there are so many options to best showcase your landscaping and garden.


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