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Top Tips for Creating a Summer-Ready Home

Does your home need updating for summer? Ditch cold and dark shades for bright yellows and allow natural lighting to enter your bedroom. Whether you live in a large area or you’re relying on a small budget, there are plenty of small solutions to creating a summer-ready home.

Easy Ways to Create a Summer-Ready Home

1. Service Your Air Conditioner 

When summer approaches, you’ll want your air conditioner working correctly. Opt for an air conditioning service in the area to make any essential repairs for you. If you need a new conditioner, opt for HVAC Roswell products.

Begin by changing the air conditioner’s filter. Doing so will improve the system’s performance and reduce its cost when in use. We recommend making these adjustments in spring, so you welcome summer with a clean filter, rather than recycled old and dirty air.

2. Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area 

When the sun is beaming down, you want to spend more time outdoors with people you love. Create an outdoor space designed for you and your guest’s entertainment. Provide a unique area for dining that’s kitted with a table and chairs under a shaded area to prevent bugs from getting in your food.

Consider waterproof chairs so you can keep them outside at all times, even when it’s raining. Alternatively, locate a storage space to keep the furniture when it’s not in use.

Don’t forget about lighting. Low-lit lighting creates a beautiful ambiance and ensures everyone can see clearly when in the garden. Depending on where you are in the world, you aren’t guaranteed warm nights throughout the entire summer. In this case, purchase a fire pit so you can all sit around it and remain warm, while sharing stories and sipping cocktails.

3. Update Your Garden

Create a summer-ready home by preparing your garden. Plant fresh flowers in the spring so they’ll bloom by summer. The summer months are also the perfect time to grow your own vegetables and feed the family on a budget, while making your garden looks presentable.

Spend some time in the garden to revive the area. Repaint the fence and gate to provide a welcoming space. Use a weed spray to create a clean slate and plant some grass seeds, so your garden is blooming for when summer arrives.

Introduce a water feature to your garden for a relaxing sound in the background at all times. Waterfalls and fountains help to create a modern garden and attract wildlife to your garden. Create a specific seating area nearby so you can chill in the garden, reading a book while listening to trickling water.

4. Deep Clean Inside

Summer is a great time to thoroughly clean parts of your home you’ve neglected over the past months. 

  • Remove all curtains, and place in the washing machine for a deep clean
  • Empty your fridge and wipe down the shelves
  • Dust the inside of cupboards in your kitchen
  • Pull out furniture and vacuum underneath
  • Wipe down your windows


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