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Tips for Making Learning Fun for Kids

Making learning fun for kids in today’s world can be a challenge when all they want to do is play video games or go on the internet. This means you have to get more creative in the ways you teach them things outside of school.

Instead of approaching it in the same way you learned as a child, adapt the way you help them to suit them better. If they love their technology and all things internet, take advantage of this and use it to help them learn the things they need to know, or you want them to know.
Kids are evolving, and so is the way we teach them - be sure to keep it fun using these tips.


Make it a Game

Children, especially young children, don’t want to listen to a lecture, and they certainly won’t learn much from it. They will probably zone out and not take in a word of it. To keep them engaged and actively learning, you have to make sure they are fully involved and not simply watching on. The best way to do this is turn the interaction into a fun game for them to play along with.
A simple but fun game to play is a guessing game. If you are trying to help your kids advance their vocabulary or spelling, a game or two of hangman would make the perfect activity. It will teach them words and how to spell them, all while keeping them engaged.


Play to Their Interests

School is where they go to learn everything they need to succeed; home should be where they learn for fun.

If your child has an interest in fossils or animals and loves to learn about them, encourage them. Show them real fossils such as ammonites, take them to museums that have fossils on display, and show them kid-friendly nature documentaries that delve into what they are passionate about.

Encouraging children to follow and learn about their interests will teach them to go out and do this on their own. You learn the most when you are passionate about the subject, after all.


Make it Colorful

Young children especially can, and will, get bored quickly. To hold their interest, you have to make the experience colorful in every sense of the word. If you are reading them a book, put all of your effort into making all of the different voices sound unique. Encourage them to try out their own voice for the character and bring the book to life together.

In a basic sense, coloring is also a great activity for learning. It will teach your children to be careful about their choices (when they choose which colors to use) and to pay close attention to do a good job (when staying between the lines). You never know, you could have a budding artist on your hands if you encourage their creativity with colors.


Play Junior Boardgames

Boardgames like Monopoly or Scrabble can be tedious for adults, let alone children. Luckily, there are junior versions of these boardgames available that are specifically tailored towards kids.
An afternoon playing Junior Scrabble or a similar boardgame makes for a great family get together and supports your children in learning and spelling words they know and in discovering new words. It can also help out with math when you add up the scores. Playing a game like this, they will hardly even be aware of all the things they are learning.

Sometimes, the best way for kids to learn is to disguise the fact that they are even learning.


Everything Can Be a Learning Experience

The world is full of wonders that your child can learn about first-hand. Every trip can be an opportunity for learning, and you should take note of what your child is interested in so that you can do your best to nourish this knowledge.

When you take a trip out and your child starts asking questions, as they so often do, answer them the best you can and consider how you can help them to further this knowledge and perhaps support them in developing a passion for something. A trip to the Science museum could easily influence your child into becoming passionate about physics, astronomy or natural history.

Childhood is all about learning new things and you should do your best to encourage and nurture this exciting time. When everything is new to you, everything is a learning experience and it should be fun as well!


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