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Celebrate Advent with Resources from Dayspring

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Do you celebrate Advent? I must admit, I did not really understand what Advent truly was until just a few years ago. I had heard it talked about, of course, but it was not something my church talked about growing up, nor was it anything that my family took part in either. My very limited knowledge of it had me of the idea that it was strictly a Catholic tradition. As I have gotten older, I have learned much more about the subject and come to realize there is much more to it than that.

So, what is Advent?

Advent means 'coming of Christ', and the Advent season is a great time to reflect and get our hearts in the right place to celebrate the birth of Jesus! It is NOT just a countdown, but a celebration and tradition all on its own marked with scriptures and the lighting of candles.

When is Advent celebrated?

Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day and continues on over the next three Sundays.

How is Advent celebrated?

The traditional advent celebration that many of us think about is a candle ceremony that entails a lighting of a candle each week (each with their own specific meaning) and reading of scripture and/or using an Advent calendar. While these are certainly great traditions that you might consider adding to your family traditions, they are not the only way to celebrate Advent. Advent truly is preparing your heart for the Christmas season and reflecting on exactly why we celebrate so there are many ways that you can incorporate that depending on what works best for YOU! There is no right or wrong.

Today I wanted to take a look at a few fantastic options available at Dayspring that are worth considering. Whether it's for yourself or your family, these are great ways to keep Christ in your Christmas.

The Book of Luke

Last month, Dayspring introduced the newest Illustrating Bible: The Book of Luke. As the name suggests, it features JUST the book of Luke with the same great space and features that we loved in the Illustrating Bible. Luke is my favorite book to read during the holiday season, so the timing of this was absolutely perfect. I personally plan to take time over the next several weeks to dig deeper into the book and create some Christmas thmed journaling among these pages. 

The Wonder of Christmas - Advent Journal for Girls

I've made my love of Shanna Noel's 100 Days Devotional Journals very well known. This journal has a very similar style to that, but features
 'twenty-five kid-friendly verses, readings, and prayers representing each day of Advent, plus "Creative Sparks" - fun crafts and activities, journaling ideas, and things to draw - all building toward that celebrated morning when we wake to the glorious gift of a child-King, born in a manger'. This is such a fun option for the tween crowd that might be too old for thing like Shepherd on the Search, etc. If you are a Bible journaler yourself, it can be a great way to get creative together for the holiday season as well. 

Sherri Gragg's Advent: The Story of Christmas

A devotional is a GREAT way to keep our mind on Christ throughout the holiday season, and that it just what this new one is designed for:

See, hear, and feel as never before the miraculous fulfillment of the promise of "God with us" through these thirty-one, poignantly retold Advent stories. From Eden's perfection and the Red Sea's roar to the joy of Ruth and Naomi, the reign of David, and the hallelujahs of Bethlehem, each momentous scene will draw you into the unfolding drama that brought the Hope of heaven to earth - and is still transforming the hearts of those who seek Him today.

This is a GORGEOUS devotional, and one that I am personally looking forward to reading through this holiday season. 

The Shepherd on the Search

This fun gift set has been around for a few years and can be a GREAT alternative to Elf on the Shelf. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing both, but I personally love that Shepherd on the Search reminds children who this season should be centered around. You can keep it very simple with simple Bible readings each day, or go all out with fun Christmas activities. Check out this post for some inspiration.

These are my personal favorite Advent resources this year, but they are just a few of many. You can find more great ways to keep Christ in your Christmas be it through devotionals, fun new traditions or home decor at Dayspring. 

How do you celebrate Advent? Which of these resources are your favorite? 


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