Thursday, September 12, 2019

Get the Crunch You Crave, Without The Guilt! {A FITCRUNCH® + Coupon Code} #momsmeet #fitcrunch

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I don't know about you... but if you ask me, eating healthy can be TOUGH!

We may start out with the best of intentions, but sticking to it when our favorite cravings are calling for us? Well, that takes a lot of self control. And I must admit, I don't always have it. For me, my biggest weakness is by far potato chips. I could give up sweets and candy entirely, but chips? Oh no, I crave that salty crunch! Anyone else with me on that?

Oh, if only there was a way to get that crunch we crave, without the guilt! Thanks to celebrity chef Robert Irvine, we might just have that ideal solution: FITCRUNCH®!

So, what exactly is FITCRUNCH®?

FITCRUNCH® was created in an effort to deliver a snack that was good for you, but didn't sacrifice the taste that we want. With that mission in mind FITCRUNCH® was created.  FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs are packed with 20g of high quality protein. They are free of gluten, GMOs and soy, as well as sugar alcohols, trans fats or artificial flavors. FITCRUNCH High Protein Puffs follow Robert’s mission of quality by using patented puff technology. These protein puffs are manufactured via a continuous high-pressure process that delivers the crunch of a potato chip without any of the guilt.  A cheese puff that's actually good for you!? Yes, please!

Of course, that all sounds great, but the real question is: how does it taste?

I had the chance to try some out for myself recently. Now, I must admit I am a super picky eater so I was a little bit apprehensive before trying. They looked good. They smelled good. But if they're good for me, they can't possibly taste good too, can they? Oh, but they can! I was pleasantly surprised with just how tasty they really were. They truly did help curb that salty, chip craving that so often likes to sneak its way in.

The come in bags that are perfect for on the go families too. They're the right size for an after school snack for the kids, or to toss into the gym bag for a pre or post workout snack too! They can even be a great addition to a school or work lunchbox too. As a vegetarian, I certainly can appreciate this tasty way to incorporate extra protein into my diet as well!

FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs are available to purchase at One box (8 bags) typically retails for $21.99, but you can save $5 when you purchase FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs on Amazon with the promo code 5OFF4FITMOM. Offer ends November 14, 2019.

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Are you a salty snack addict? How could FITCRUNCH help you eat healthier? 


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