Friday, September 13, 2019

52 Uncommon Family Adventures {A Devotional Review + Giveaway} #52UncommonAdventures

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from Frontgate Media for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Connect with your family without breaking the bank.

When you dreamed of having a family you pictured outings, adventures, laughing around the kitchen table. But then the kids actually came and most of the time you’re too busy trying to keep up to figure out how to create a magical, screen-free environment where everyone feels loved, is having fun, and can connect. That’s why 52 Uncommon Family Adventures was written, it helps you do just that, without all the hassle and stress.

Whether it’s a family pillow fight, a lip-sync competition, or Toilet Paper Olympics, give your family the gift of lifelong memories while having fun, connecting spiritually, and speaking each other’s love languages. Enjoy all the benefits of the quality time you dreamed of without all the pressure of advanced planning.

Put down the phones, turn off the TV, and start making some memories together today.

RANDY SOUTHERN has written dozens of books, articles, study guides and curricula for the Christian market. His works include The World's Easiest Guide to Family Relationships, Raising Highly Capable Kids, and Dating Clues for the Clueless. A graduate of Taylor University, Randy lives with his family in Fishers, Indiana.

If you are looking for your everyday, run of the mill family devotional, keep looking. This is not it. If on the other hand you are looking for a way to make family time learning about God fun and exciting and to make memories to last for years to come, 52 Uncommon Family Adventures is a GREAT place to start. This is not just any other family devotional.

With 52 adventures, this gives you one adventure for each week of the year. Each section offers a fun new challenge for the family to enjoy together--- it lets you know what you need to do to set up and how to go about enjoying this adventure. It then offers a section called 'That Reminds Me', which will offer something for the family to discuss, tying into the completed challenge of course. Of course it wouldn't be a devotional without devotions, so it then provides some scripture to look up and a guideline for how to tie that reading into the activity and a discussion. Finally, it has a 'Language of the Day' section that gives more insight to how this can be tied into a particular love language.

This love language inclusion is perhaps my favorite part of this book. If you're already familiar with love languages, you know what an impact they can have on our relationships. If you are new to them, this is a great way to explore that more, and the intro does offer some background too. I love that there is a good variety of activities that are ideal for each and every language too (and a key at the start at each activity that will let you know which will be the focus).

The key also offers some other very important information at a glance--- including how long it will take, the cost and whether it can be done indoors or out. These can all help you choose which activities to try any given week. You can do them in order of course, but if the week's activity is to be done outdoors and the weather has been bad all week, or if funds are a little tight and the week's activity calls for moderate expenses, you can use this key to know at a glance if you might want to mix it up for the week. It's not an all or nothing thing either, you might find that some activities just aren't ideal for your own family. In that case, you absolutely can pick and choose which you want to do. I love that there are MANY options that are either free or low cost. It can be really tough finding ways to make grand family memories without breaking the bank, so this can be a great source of inspiration.

Though I cannot say if my family will do ALL 52 activities, I have certainly already seen several that are a definite yes! I cannot wait to jump in and make memories with my family, while learning about the Bible in the process.

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