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A Guide: How to Prevent Back Pain

If you’ve ever experienced back pain before, no matter how serious your condition was deemed to be, you’ll understand just how annoying this type of plight can become. On any given morning, you can wake up and feel like you are physically unable to get out of bed, which then means that the rest of your day is subsequently ruined.

You don’t deserve for back pain to be stealing precious moments from you. Fight this plight and prevent it as best you can by putting the advice laid out below into practice.

Learn more about back pain

The best thing that you can do to prevent back pain is to learn more about it. Educate yourself with regards to what causes this plight, the different types of it that you could potentially have to face, and what needs to be done as soon as twinges of pain are felt.

First and foremost, you should know that there are two distinctly different forms of back pain:

Acute back pain is experienced in the short term. Generally, it will last for a few days at a time (but can sometimes last for weeks) and is caused by impact — anything from a fall to a bad lift can cause acute back pain symptoms to flare up.

Chronic back pain, though far less common than acute pain, is far more serious. This is felt over an extended period of time and can force suffers to take a lot of time off work.

Preventive measures you can take

Regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, there are preventive measures that you can take to ensure that you’re never forced to experience back pain. Some of the basic measures that you can and should take in this instance include:

   Performing back-strengthening exercises such as bridges, knee-to-chest stretches, rotational stretches, draw-in maneuvers, pelvic tilts, lying lateral leg lifts, and cat stretches
   Standing and sitting as straight as you can (consider investing in an ergonomic chair if you sit for long periods of the day, as this will promote healthy and natural back curvature)
   Embracing proper lifting technique when you are forced to lift something heavy (bending your knees, keeping your back straight, and using your legs to power the lift)
   Staying as active as you possibly can and not allowing yourself to fall into a sedentary lifestyle

Deal with problems right away

The longer you leave your back pain to fester, the worse it will get and, subsequently, the harder it will be to treat it. As soon as you experience a twinge of pain or think that something is just not right with your back, you need to deal with it right away.

A specific type of back pain that you must seek to deal with right away is sciatica. This condition is very treatable, but only if you catch it early. Should you experience any of the following symptoms radiating through your lower back and down your leg, go and see your doctor right away:

   Electric jolts
   The feeling of water

If you are ever concerned about the prospect of having sciatica, be sure to find out more at https://sydneyphysiosolutions.com.au/sciatica-specialist-treatment/. Whatever you do, just don’t let this problem fester for too long — if you do, you’ll make life a lot more uncomfortable for yourself than it needs to be.

Take the above advice if you’re serious about preventing back pain and stopping it from impacting your life.


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