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Why and Where to Cruise in Style

Maybe you've never taken a cruise before and want to experience what this luxury vacation lifestyle is all about. Or, perhaps you've taken a jaunt that lasted a few days and took you to a couple of ports of call on a ship that was nice enough but was nothing exceptional.
Either way, now you're ready to up the ante a bit and book a luxury cruise that you hope will give you an amazing vacation experience of a lifetime. Fortunately, there are several great options for luxury cruises.
Let’s start by reviewing the benefits of a luxury cruise as well as how to choose your destination, and then look at a couple of the incredible journeys that luxury cruises can provide:

Why You Should Consider a Luxury Liner

High-end cruise ships typically start pampering their guests before they set foot on the boat. In fact, it's not uncommon for luxury cruise liners to offer pre- and post-cruise packages that will help you to get to and from the airport to the ship.
Additionally, many luxury cruise ships include cabins with ocean views, easy access to the outdoors to see the incredible scenery and amenities galore like pools, spas and other activities. Luxury cruises also tend to have amazingly attentive staff, with a high crew-to-passenger ratio, who are devoted to making your vacation as pleasant as possible.

How to Choose Your Cruise

Before booking a luxury cruise, it's a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish on your trip. Since luxury cruises cost more than a typical trip on a basic ocean liner, you want to be sure you're investing in a trip that meets your vacation goals.
For instance, maybe you want some serious rest and relaxation, see some of the gorgeous sights of the world and/or meet others and party on the water. Knowing these things prior to booking your cruise will help you choose the ship and journey that will best fit your needs and personality.
As for inspiration for your luxury cruise, consider the following ideas:

Luxury Cruise Idea 1: Scenic Alaska

While many people equate luxury cruises with visiting tropical locations, Alaska cruises are a great option as well. For example, Princess has a number of Alaskan cruise options that will allow you to see huge glaciers, incredible wildlife and the untamed beauty of our 49th state.
For instance, the Voyage of the Glaciers Cruise is a seven-day luxury cruise that includes two glacier viewings, including Glacier Bay National park, three ports of call and cruising along the Inside Passage and Gulf of Alaska.

Luxury Cruise Idea 2: The Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

If you're in serious need of some sunshine and crystal blue waters, a Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico cruise is just the ticket. Look for a cruise that leaves from Miami and leads to places like Costa Maya.
This port is surrounded by the beautiful Mexican Caribbean and features treks into the Mayan jungle, along with incredible area cultural experiences. The luxury cruise on the warm and lovely waters may also include stops in Cozumel. Indeed, you should return to Miami feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to face the world.

With Luxury Cruises, the Options are Endless

Life is too short to take ho-hum cruises that leave you feeling less than inspired. By understanding the many benefits that a luxury cruise liner offers — and spending some time choosing the best itinerary for you — you'll find this style of travel is worth every penny.


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