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Moving Tips To Help You Move with Ease

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Let's be honest--- moving stinks!

Oh sure, being in a new home is great... but the actual process of getting there? Well, that is an entirely different story altogether. As a military family, we've learned quite a bit about moving over the years that have served us well. Today, I'm sharing just a few of those quick and easy tips.

Downsize BEFORE the move.
Okay, I know... sometimes this one isn't always that quick or easy! Especially if you are planning a quicker, unexpected move... but if you can, donate or sell what you don't need before you go. This leaves you with less to move, and less stress once you get there.

Label Boxes Well.
I'll be honest, I'm not a quick unpacker. I prefer to take my time and figure out where things need to be, unboxing more slowly. Having been in our new home a month, I can honestly say there are still a TON of boxes stacked in my basement ready to go through. BUT I always make sure that the boxes are marked well, so I know exactly what needs to be unboxed immediately (cooking needs, towels, etc) and what can wait a bit longer. If you have help moving, this can also let your help know where things need to go!

Use Different Tapes.
This is a trick that I was just told during this move that is so mind-blowingly simple, I don't know why I hadn't thought of it myself! Instead of using WORDS to label boxes, use different colored tapes. Now, if you really want to go all out, find a different color for each room. I was even able to find moving tape that listed the room it was intended for. If you're on more of a budget and don't want to spend a ton on tapes, instead just consider getting one bright, neon color for your fragile items. This is much easier to see at a glance, helping keep those important breakables from getting smashed along the way!

Collect Boxes from Local Stores.
Speaking of moving on a budget, moving boxes can be VERY expensive! Personally, I just cannot bring myself to spend money on them. Need boxes? Call your local stores and ask if they have any you can take off their hands! They will generally allow you to come by and pick up broken down boxes after their deliveries if you ask.
You can also check Craigslist, FB marketplace, etc for free moving boxes. Oftentimes you will find that people are willing to give them away if you will haul them. It's certainly better than throwing them away!

Wrap Breakables with Your Linens.
Again, why spend more money on packing paper than necessary? While I do find that it is useful for some smaller items, I also use a lot of towels, blankets and even clothes for wrapping many of my breakables. This saves room, and eliminates some of the extra trash too!

Don't Forget To Change Your Address.
Not only does changing your address with USPS make sure that your mail is getting where it needs to be if you've missed changing something directly with the sender, you will also get a variety of special discounts for doing so as well. My favorite is the Amazon Move promotion, which gives you 10% off on anything sold and shipped from Amazon for 90 days from your address change. (This worked out perfectly for us for birthday shopping too! It works on anything from home decor to books and so much more!)

Track Your Packages.
Speaking of mail, if you are not already signed up...now is a great time to sign up for package tracking services like UPS MyChoice and FedEx Delivery Manager. With both of these services you can track both your old AND new addresses. As a blogger, this is particularly useful as I receive a lot of packages, oftentimes when I'm not expecting them. With these, I know and can plan accordingly. UPS MyChoice will allow you to either change the delivery address (for a fee), OR hold at a UPS location for you to pick up (no fee). I also highly recommend using USPS Informed Delivery in general, but unfortunately when you do the official change of address, it allows you ONLY to track those items sent to your new address. The good news however is that even those sent to the previous address via USPS should be forwarded anyway, so there is less concern there overall.

Hire Professional Cleaners
While I tend to be against the idea of spending more money than necessary for things you can do yourself, the reality is you already have a lot on your plate so this is one place you can use a little help. Not sure where to look? A simple search like 'cleaning service Brooklyn' (or your local area), will take you right where you need to be.

As I said, moving is not fun... but I hope these few simple tips make it a little bit easier! Are you can experienced mover? Share your best tips in the comments below.


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