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How to Look Younger as You Age

For many people, aging is a scary and disconcerting process. However, as the grey hairs begin to grow and you start to wonder whether your clothing shouldn’t start to be more conservative, there are many ways in which you can look younger even as you get older. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best options for women to stay youthful for longer, both through surgical procedures and through natural processes.

Consider Cosmetic Surgery

Although cosmetic surgery may seem extensive, there are lots of small procedures that you can undergo that can make your life easier and help you to feel more confident in your appearance. Many people are looking for non-surgical procedures that can help them to look younger without the fear of an operation. In these cases, aesthetic medicine is perfect for you, as these procedures are relatively simple and yet can leave you looking permanently younger. For instance, cosmetic procedure options include Lisa Rush dermal fillers in Sydney, which can help to smooth out any wrinkles that you may have and leave your skin looking wonderful.

Get More Sleep

Another option for looking younger, and one that can be easily achieved, is to get more sleep, especially if your skin is looking dull or dryer than usual. Whether you have a demanding family or your work constrains you to certain hours of sleep, 1 in 3 Americans get less than six hours of sleep a night. As well as effects on the body such as a lack of energy and slower mental processing, a lack of sleep can also damage your skin, leaving it less time to recover and repair damage from the day during your sleep.

When you don’t have enough sleep, your body increases its inflammatory cells, which break down the collagen that improves the look of your skin. Not only this, but a lack of sleep can also make skin and immune-related conditions worse, which can affect the appearance of your skin. To solve this, you should limit your screen time in the evening to reduce the wakening effects of blue light, consume less caffeine in the evenings, and try downloading sleep trackers to spot any anomalies and train yourself to get the best from your sleep.

Whiten Your Teeth

You can also limit aging’s effect by looking after your teeth. Although this can include options such as brushing twice daily and flossing, as well as visiting the dentist often, if you have existing problems with your teeth, this may not return your teeth to their natural state. In order to make your teeth look brighter, you should consider using whitening treatments either at home or at the dentist. However, there is little evidence to support that whitening kits work, and so you should visit your dentist, who can provide options such as laser whitening or using whitening mouthguards.

Dye Your Hair

Grey hair can instantly age you due to its association with old age. In these cases, you should dye your hair at the roots when possible to return your hair back to its natural color. However, as you get older, darker colors can age your face, and so you should take the time to find the right color for both your skin tone and your age.


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