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How To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer

Summer can be a fantastic season with lots of opportunities for getting out and enjoying the warmth and sunshine. As lovely as this can be, sometimes it can be a bit much particular when the temperature begins to soar. This can be uncomfortable when you are relaxing at home and can even make it hard to sleep at night. It is for this reason why it is worth knowing a few ways that you can keep your home cool during the summer months, and there are a few excellent ways to do this which could make all the difference and help you to stay cool and comfortable at all times.

Air Conditioning

The most obvious solution is air conditioning. This is a highly effective way to keep the home cool throughout the summer and can create a lovely temperature inside when the weather is at its warmest outside. You need to make sure that this is installed and maintained by an expert so that it will be reliable throughout the summer. You can do this by searching for air conditioning service near me online.


You could also invest in a few fans and place these strategically around the home. You can make this more effective by placing a bowl full of ice directly in front of the fan to keep the air cool.


Cross-ventilation allows air to move freely throughout the home which can make a big difference to the internal temperature. You can do this by opening the windows at both ends of the home and by keeping the doors open.

Reduce & Reflect Sunlight

The home can heat up and become uncomfortable when direct sunlight enters the room. You can reduce and reflect sunlight by using lightly colored, breathable blinds or curtains and reflective window panels.

Reduce Electrical & Light Usage

Electronics and lightbulbs can emit heat, which can only make a room feel hotter. You should unplug devices when not in use and keep the lights off or use a different type of bulb.

Make Sure Ceiling Fans Rotate Counter-Clockwise

A great hack that many people are unaware of is making sure that your ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise (there is a small switch that can change the direction). Counter-clockwise can help a room to stay cool as it will force air down, which will help you to feel cooler.

Indoor Plants

Strategically placing plants around the home can also be a smart way to reduce the heat. Placing large, sun-loving plants by the windows can help to create shade inside and allow the plant to grow.

Summer can be a great season but when the temperature soars it can make life uncomfortable at home. Knowing how to keep the house cool should help you to feel relaxed and comfortable even during a heatwave with the above being just a few tips. Additionally, keeping the home cool should ensure that you do not have sleepless nights and that you are able to make the most of the summer months.


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