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Crafting With Kids - Five Top Tips

Even the most patient parent can find crafting with kids a bit of a headache; the cost, the mess, and the potential for tears and tantrums can turn what should be a fun activity into something that you’d rather avoid. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, then read on - we’ve come up with five great tips for crafting with kids that will take it from a stressful activity to a world of fun!

Let Them Take The Lead
It can be tempting to try and organize your children when they’re crafting; while you might think painting a picture should be on the schedule for the day, they might have other ideas - which can lead to resistance and frayed tempers. Let them take the lead with choosing activities by asking them the night before what they might like to do the next day, and then get the equipment ready in the morning. Do be prepared for them to have changed their mind overnight, though!

Consider Your Surfaces
Even if you cover every single surface with newspaper or plastic sheeting, and have a damp cloth on hand for any spillages, it’s almost certain that glue, paint or clay will end up creeping through somewhere. This is especially true of flooring, and while laminate or hardwood floors can be wiped clean, they may stain - and carpet is a headache in itself! Deciding to replace the floor in one room with a polished concrete floor is a great idea; not only is it cost-effective and durable, but it’s also super easy to clean and non-porous - which means that any crafting mess can be easily wiped away.

Incorporate Nature
Kids love nature play, so why not add it to your crafting activities? Heading out and about to take bark rubbings is a great idea, and while you’re there, you could collect some treasure to take home. Little flowers and leaves can be easily added to air-dry clay to create ornaments and decorations, while objects such as pine cones and seed heads are great for creating impressions in play dough and clay. You could also make a nature garland - collect flowers, leaves and interesting grasses, then string them together and attach to the wall for a beautiful seasonal decoration for your home.

Involve Them With Clean-Up
There’s no arguing that the worst part of crafting with kids is the clean-up process afterward - and sometimes the mess is so great, it can be hard to know where to start. Encourage your children to take responsibility and get involved with the clean-up operation - put some music on to work to, or set a timer and see if you can finish before it runs out. Not only will it help you get your space tidy much faster, but it will also give them a sense of authority over their own behavior and actions.

Display Their Creations
The best part of crafting with kids is seeing their faces light up when you tell them they’ve made something wonderful - so why not build on that and create a special area to display their artwork? Forget sticking them to a fridge with a magnet - pop the best and brightest pictures into frames, then turn them into a gallery wall or place on picture ledges in their bedrooms, for a super easy and fun changeable display area.


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