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6 Essential Accessories For Travelling With Family

Travel should always be an enriching experience. Travelling with family even more so. Here are the accessories you need to make travelling with your family as simple and comfortable as possible.

Portable Travel Cot

If you look around, you can find portable travel cots that can also double as a miniature play yard. These are excellent for travelling with toddlers, ensuring that they are never bored (if only) and always able to put their head down if they need to. The Lotus Travel Crib is the specific crib that we are looking at, but there are other options available.

Egg Pram Travel System

The egg travel system is a pram that seamlessly blends form and function. There are several variants available in the egg line, but it’s the egg travel system that we are interested in. As the name suggests, this is a version of the egg that is optimised for travel. This is a high-end pram, and it is worth every penny.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Many parents start off with a baby sling, fearing that a full carrier will be too bulky and awkward. However, a carrier distributes the weight of your baby across both of your shoulders, making it much easier to carry. A sling is worn on one side and so leads to fatigue much sooner. A carrier is much easier to use when you are travelling, especially if a baby isn’t the only thing that you will be carrying with you.

4-Wheel Spinner Suitcase

A wheeled suitcase is by far the best way of packing your luggage, especially heavier luggage. The wheels mean that you can minimise the amount of energy you need to use to carry all the items in the suitcase, especially when compared to carrying them in a backpack or shoulder bag. When you do need to carry the suitcase, your arms and shoulders aren’t already exhausted.

The 4-wheel spinner suitcase comes in adult and child variants and is by far the best way of moving luggage around. Kids will have no trouble dragging a small wheeled suitcase behind them. They might even enjoy it!

A Tablet and a Case

Tablets are fantastic tools for kids, as long as you give them the right apps, of course. If you have trouble convincing your kids to go on long hikes, a tablet can be a great way of luring them outdoors. There are some very rugged albeit bulky cases available for tablets that make them all but indestructible. They might set you back another £30, but considering how much the tablet itself costs it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Kelty Hiking Carrier

Experienced and serious hikers will be used to travelling with the weight of their gear. Adding the weight of a baby on top, while a relatively small change, can make hiking more difficult. Until you have gotten used to the extra weight, you will inevitably get fatigued much sooner. The Kelty hiking carrier is an ideal solution.

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it also features a lightweight kickstand that turns it into a portable seat for little ones when you want to stop and rest.

With the right gear, travelling with young children should be a breeze. If you have newborns, switching up your accessories can make a big difference to your comfort and convenience while travelling.


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