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4 Fun Building Projects to Enhance Your Home's Exterior

If you've been looking for ways to make your home's exterior more exciting or useful, you might've entertained the idea of building something in your yard or on your land. Such a project could not only add value and usefulness to your property, but it can also give you a fun project to work on over the summer. While you might need to bring in some hired help to complete some of the steps along the way, there are plenty of tasks that you can perform on a do-it-yourself basis. With that said, here are four fun building projects that will add flair and functionality to your grounds:

1. Recreation Room

This is one of these jobs that will typically require a helping hand and a fair amount of tools, as you'll be constructing a relatively large structure. An easy, affordable, and highly durable way to put together one of these buildings yourself would be to assemble a steel building kit from a company like Armstrong Steel. The construction process itself might not be the most enjoyable activity in the world, but you'll have plenty of fun once the room is built and loaded with games.

2. Playground

Building a playground is another fun project that the whole family can help with due to the variety of steps involved. For example, the kids could help empty bags of sand into the sandbox, or hand you specified tools while you're assembling the swing set. Plus, this is a great project for a hobbyist because there are plenty of ways to expand a playground later on with more equipment. Plus, adding a playground to your home is a great way to make the property more appealing to prospective buyers who have children.

3. Garden Area

You might be wondering what kind of building would be involved in the setup of a garden, but you'd be surprised how many ways there are to put your handy skills to work. From putting up a fence to building raised beds, a garden shed, or a greenhouse, there are numerous ways to satisfy your desire to build while also making progress in your garden. You could also put together a few birdhouses and a fountain setup, or explore the idea of constructing an aquaponics system that uses the recycled fish waste from a mini pond to fertilize your plants.

4. Mini Pond and Waterfall

Even if you're not going to go all out with an aquaponics setup, you could start by building a mini pond and waterfall setup. Eventually, you might find that you want to put your fish emulsion to good use – since you'll need to clean the pond periodically anyway –  in a nearby garden. For now, digging a small pond and constructing a waterfall is something that you can do over the course of a weekend.

Summer and Fall are Perfect Seasons for Outdoor Building Projects

While some of the hottest days of summer aren't necessarily ideal, there are plenty of temperate days towards the beginning and end of the summer and throughout the fall which are perfect times for handling outdoor activities of all kinds.


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